June 14, 2013

Happy Flag Day

U.S. Flag Day

By and large, Flag Day is one of those "holidays" that people either don't know about...or ignore.

However, my elementary school made a huge deal about it.  We sang flag songs, took a school picture in front of the flagpole, made little flags and learned the history of flag day.

All these years later - my elementary friends and I still wish each other a happy Flag Day (and Army birthday) on Facebook.  It's still a precious memory that only a select group of us share.  :-)


June 06, 2013

Kristin's Bridal Shower

This Sunday was Kristin's bridal shower.  She wanted a surprise...and after wearing dresses to EVERYTHING for the past few weeks and being prepared for the shower to happen at any time, hopefully she's happy with how it turned out.  :-)

Kristin with her bridesmaids and flower girls.

Kristin and some of our work peeps.


The awesome cake that Jackie (Kristin's future SIL) made. 


I made tropical body scrub (coconut lemon/lime) as the shower favors.  As a group we then "beached it up" by putting the little containers in a cute plastic martini glass with a little umbrella.  Fun!

We had two REALLY funny moments at Kristin's shower.  The first one was before Kristin even got there!  It seems we should have been more clear with the restaurant hostess what Kristin and her fiancĂ© look like.  The hostess tried to lead an adorable couple into our function room.  I've never seen a guy jump away from his girlfriend and emphatically shake his head "no" as fast as that guy did!

The second funny was courtesy of my mom.  As part of her gift, she gave a few Yankee Candles.  The "blueberry scone" candle smelled yummy!  However, the "mmm....bacon" candle; not so much.  It was so bad that it made it's way around the room for all to smell.  As a group we all decided that it smells like Kibbles n' Bits.  Lesson learned!  Always smell the candle before you buy it; even if the sales associate tells you that it's a best seller.

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