November 07, 2013

A Month of Thanks... Day Seven

Today I'm thankful for living in a country where I have freedom.  The freedom to be any religion I want to be, to have purple hair and tattoos if I wanted to (for the record - no purple hair; two tattoos), to speak my mind and engage in friendly (and hopefuly EDUCATED) debate with no fear of persecution.

I freely admit that I don't agree with certain things about our government, but rest assured - I'd never trade our government for that of...oh, say...Iran!  That said, I do occassionally think of moving to the UK or Canada.  Anyone want to come with me?


November 06, 2013

A Month of Thanks... Day Six

Today I am thankful for music.  I grew up playing clarinet and piano, as well as singing in the school chorus and church choir.  I find such joy in music.

No matter your mood, what you want to say, or your prefered style - music delivers!

I've played this Pentatonix cover of Daft Punk's songs a few times in the office this week.  Tons of fun!

I also really enjoy music from the 30's to 50's.  Anytime I sing this song - Paisley comes running!

What songs move you?


November 05, 2013

A Month of Thanks...Day Five

Today I'm thankful for fruit tootsie rolls.  Unlike most people - I don't really like chocolate (aka traditional) Tootsie Rolls.  However, an orange and a vanilla together is yummy...kind of like an orange float.

What can I say?  I'm easy to please most of the time!


November 04, 2013

A Month of Thanks....Day Four

OK...I think I might be failing at this whole "blogging on a schedule" thing.  But I'm trying!

Today I'm thankful for computers.  Not only do they give me (indirectly) a job {It would be really hard to be a Social Media Manager w/o using a computer!}, but so many of my friends and family are spread across the country.  Lots of my favorite people "live" in the computer!

Obviously a stock photo.  We all know I can't sit down without being covered in dachshunds!


November 03, 2013

A Month of Thanks...Day Three

I'm way late on this one.  Sorry about that!  I've been dealing with a migraine most of the weekend.

Today I'm glad that I have a job to get up and go to.  As most of you know - I was unemployed for over a year (Summer 2011 - Fall 2012).  While every job leaves something to be desired, I'm glad that I get to be with the group of HR delinquents that I call my officemates.  :-)


November 02, 2013

A Month of Thanks...Day Two

My month of thanks continues with day two... down pillows.

Yes, again, the insomniac is going to give thanks for something she doesn't get to use as much as she'd like.  I've mentioned it before, but I am *very* picky about pillows.  They have to be king sized (the better to hug), 100% down feathers and have a side gusset.

These days the dogs fight me for my pillows - which is why I have *cough, cough* six pillows on my bed.  But they last forever, wash and dry better than their faux feather/poly counterparts, and stay COOL on even the hottest of summer days.


November 01, 2013

A Month of Thanks...Day One

A lot of people started their month of thanks on Facebook today...and I think it's great.  It just happens that I'm shy - and trust you all a little more than the people that can see my FB profile.

Today I'm thankful for coffee.  It sounds weird that I'd pick an object to be thankful for...especially on day one, right?!  Trust me, I'll get to the BIG stuff later in the month.  :-)

As an insomniac, there are nights that I sleep 20 minutes at a time.  Nights I sleep for two hours, am up for most of the night and then fall asleep again around 5 AM.  Night that I don't sleep.  Period.  That makes me thankful for caffeine.  I try to use it sparingly so it doesn't further impact my insomnia...but there's just nothing like a the first glass of ice coffee in the morning!  (I much prefer ice coffee to hot coffee)

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