You want to know about me?  Are you sure?!

Well, I'm Cole and this blog is where caffeine, crafts, sarcasm, books, cooking, dachshunds and joyful chaos reign supreme.  I'm an avid traveler and was a roadtrip kid - travelling to most states and parts of Canada in the back of an RV by the time I entered elementary school  Sure, I have nightmares about seal flipper stew (seriously), but most of it has made for some amazing memories!

When I'm not blogging - you can find me playing at my day job as a social media manager, running a dachshund rescue, having a knitting night with my cousin...or just eating Nutella straight from the jar!

I host Tuesdays at the Table, a weekly recipe link-up and you can expect to see copious amounts of pictures of my adorable dachshunds - Meadow, Beckett, Paisley & Brady!  I hope you'll stick around!

Now tell me something about you!

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  1. i like that you have an about page... with nothing posted. ;-)


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