January 16, 2010

Laura's White Elephant Swap

A day month late and a dollar short...

I was blessed to participate in Laura's White Elephant Christmas swap.  She's fantastic and I wholeheartedly suggest that you all read her blog.  My sincere, sincere apologies go to her.  She has been amazing in her kind follow-ups.  Laura deserved a prompt post - something I didn't deliver for a multitude of reasons.

Without further ado- I share with you the goodies that Christina sent me.  She was most generous; certainly embrassing the giving Christmas spirit.

First up is the Christmas card that Christina (along with her husband Johnny, and their furr-kids Corky and Poe) sent out.  It was accompanied by a lovely letter.

Here are all the foodie type things that I got.  Most impressive is the bag of mints (right corner) that Christina made in her papercrafts class.

Christina sent presents for the pups (a book of activities, a frisbee, squeeky toy and a raincoat!) as well as two beautiful frames and a cookbook.

Here's a better picture of the cookbook, stationery and frames.

As I mentioned before - Christina was quite generous.  Many thanks to her.


  1. You're welcome, Cole! Glad you and the pups enjoyed your gifts.

  2. Aw, great gifts, Cole! I love it that she sent stuff to the fur babies too!

    Justine :o )

  3. I love the Christmas picture, with each one holding the photo of the next. Very clever!

  4. Awww, what wonderful gifts for everyone! Puppies have got to be ecstatic.

  5. AWw how very very sweet! Ill have to check out her blog!

  6. Wow, Cole, you really cleaned up with that swap!
    Keep the pups out of the edibles :-)
    Your pal,


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