May 22, 2015

And....I'm Back

Hi Gang!  Long time, no see!  I mean, unless you follow me on which case, it's just HAPPY FRIDAY!

I logged into Blogger for the first time in a long time (::cough, a year, cough::) about two weeks ago and instantly felt the pull to start blogging again.  That started me on a path of introspection about why I started blogging in the first place and why I'd consider doing it again.  What it comes down to is connection.  I miss the connection with everyone.  Some of you amazing, beautiful, talented ladies became my friends because of blogging.  I looked forward to reading what you had to say and seeing the pictures as your families grew, you got new jobs, you went on vacation...and you just experienced LIFE.

I became a social media manager for my day job, started a rescue and quite frankly, lost a little bit of me.  I lost the connection that I shared with many of you and the ability to share my thoughts as I took care of other peoples (and dogs) social media needs.  Yep, I'm still a social media manager and I'm still co-chair of a quickly expanding rescue....  But it's time for me to find time for me again.

So, I'm back.  I had to buy a new domain name and I hope at least a few of you all can see this post.  I'll be by to visit and comment and would love if you all could say "hi" too.

In the meantime, Paisley and Beckett wants to give you all a woof hello too!


P.S. I'm accepting all recommendations of blogs I should be following these days and technical advice on how to get my subpages to reconfigure so they don't go to my defunct domain name!


  1. Welcome back! Lots of changes in the blogging community since you've been gone! It's great to see you. :)

    Dachshund Mommy

  2. YAAAAAAY!!!!!!! We has missed you most terribles. My mum says you hoomans need dat ME time...she started ramblin' and i lost interest.
    We is on instagram too...we just started though. We is under wethreedoxies. Let us knows how we can find you.

    Best way to follow and connect withs bloggers is to go through da comments and then click there name...kinda like stalkin' but legal...hehehehehe!

  3. Wow, sounds like you have had a really busy year. We were gone for awhile, too. I will sign up to follow you now.

  4. Welcome Back Cole, Paisley and Beckett!! Looks like you've been real busy, but glad you are finding time to blog again..we've missed you!!

    Beth (Dory and the Boyz too!)

  5. New reader here - LOVE your layout! Cant wait to read more of your adorable blog!!

  6. So glad you're back! You've been busy! I stopped blogging at the beginning of the year. Just wasn't that excited about it anymore but I'm still around on Instagram.

  7. Welcome back to blogging! We've missed you around here!


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