September 01, 2009

I Miss Road-trips...And These Guys!

I've always loved being in the car; especially if I'm the one driving! I was a lucky kid who got to travel far and wide (the perks of being the oldest grand kid...heeheehee). Don't worry. The joy of driving wasn't discovered until my teen years. I promise!

But, for over a year - road trips weren't going towards an amusement park, party or a vacation. Instead, it was to see JC and "the guys". I won't even tell you how many trips I made up there...

I miss the drive up (all *ahem* six to six and a half hours of it)...

The tolls

The cows

The rural road...OK, it is pretty.

The ability to lose all radio stations except for one Spanish station, one french station, one on Canadian weather and something that played show-tunes and The Muppets. (You wish that I was exaggerating...oh, wait...that's me that wishes I was exaggerating.)

THE GUYS!! (Left to right are: G, Tony, JC and Joe)

Fine. I miss the open road, but I miss these camo-clad dorks in hero's clothing even more.

They're in Afghanistan, but that doesn't stop them from acting goofy....

...and dancing. (Ellie's hubby- Trebor)

Or making faces at people. (G [left], and a guy I've never met)

Smiling despite living 40 men to a tent. (Tony)

Smiling through a whole lot of body armor. (JC)

I can't wait for them to come home and road-trips to commence. :-)


  1. I hope they come home soon. Thanks to all of them for what they do for us.

  2. Awesome photos!! Thanks for sharing the more amusing part of their time with us!

    Thank all "the guys" for all they do for us!! We appreciate them SOOOOO much!!!!

    The Mama...and Dory

  3. When ARE they coming home? I know you're just jumping out of your skin wanting to see your brother! How long is he staying in the army anyway?

    Justine :o )

  4. I am glad they get to act goofy and have fun sometimes...Christine

  5. it's great they still have their sense of humour in such difficult conditions.....


  6. I agree with the above comment.

    Gotta love a guy in a uniform. Awesome pictures. Hope you're able to go on your road trip soon.

  7. Prayers that they all make it home safely...and soon! =)


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