October 17, 2009

Apple Picking (aka A Day With The Fam)

It just occured to me that I didn't tell you about the fun of last Monday!

I, *gasp*, took a day off (hard to believe - I know) and went out with my mom, Kirstren, her mom and her little boy. We all piled into my Tahoe, stopped for coffee and voyaged out to Stow, MA. Our destination? Honey Pot Hill Orchard!

We had a blast apple picking! Hay ride around the orchard, lots of great apples to be had, good weather and all around fun with the family.

We went for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory afterwards. Yum, yum!!
Then my aunt wanted to look at puppies. Our family is dog lovers (Shocker, I know!! Considering how many pictures you've seen of Meadow, Beckett and Carmella... heeheehee) so a trip through the pet store isn't anything to raise alarm flags.
My lovely aunt has two dogs (wire fox terriers, I believe). She had recently seen a cute little rat terrier and wanted to see an example of another one. She was uh-uh, not gonna happen, no way-no how, interested in adding another dog to her house.
You know what comes next, right? She saw a tiny little face and just fell in love! After being held and played with by all five of us for over an hour - it was time to sign the paperwork and bring the little punkin' home.
Meet Shadow!! Isn't he a cutie?!?! So far, he is not a barker - instead he is my aunt's little cuddle bug. Quite outside the terrier "norm".

Hope you're all having a great weekend!

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  1. I am the same way! I fell in love with a kitty at the pumpkin farm, but I had to leave her there :-( Shadow is irresistable!

  2. What a cute dog and a fun time at the apple farm. Have a great Sunday.

  3. Whoa! I love farms and apples and that just looks like it was such a fun day! And that pup is just so, so adorable! It's so pretty back there!
    Huggers xo

  4. AWW! :) I've been talking to friends about going apple picking too! It sounds like fun.

  5. what a fun day!! cute pictures :)
    i went apple picking yesterday!

  6. Cute pictures. I bet you really did have a good day. I love going apple picking with the grandbabies:) I am presenting you with an award on my blog this week when I post Crock Pot Wednesday. Be sure to come and collect it. Thanks for hosting.

  7. What a fun day in the outdoors, and geez, you can't beat ending it with puppy kisses either!

    Justine :o )

  8. Looks like a great day! If I wasn't on crutches I would love to go apple picking. I just love red, firm juicy apples. I will be hobbling to the pumpkin patch to pick out some pumpkins for the front porch though.

    Shadow is adorable! With that sweet little face you can just tell he is a cuddlebug!


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