March 18, 2010

Christina's Surprise Baby Shower

Last week I had the priviledge of throwing my work BFF, Christina, a surprise baby shower.  I tell her just about keeping this a secret was a big accomplishment for me.  :-)  Believe it or not, it's only the second surprise party she's ever had!  I appreciate that she didn't throttle me when she walked into her fake "meeting" and discovered a party instead!

Wow, in this picture...she barely looks pregnant!

My boss sprung for pizza for the group, and I got the cake.  I'm a geek, but I'm proud of the inscription.  Even if I did use a piece of baby bottle shaped confetti as a comma between "Christina" and "for"! (For the record, it wasn't until I read the cake that I realize that I truly am that anal about punctuation.)

Yes, I know it's a little ghetto...but we did punch in a bucket.  Can I tell you all that I went to 4 stores looking for punch bowls?!?!  This was my compromise.

It doesn't look like a lot, but I bundled things tight in that laundry basket!  Onesies in sizes from newborn on up to 1 year, carriage toys, towels, wipes, binkies, swaddling blankets.  I went NUTS!

I saw this onesie with a monkey on the butt, and had to buy it!

I think that both Christina's mom and her hubby's mom are both going to be fond of this onesie.  :-)

Lastly is my little homemade touch.  I made a baby blanket for the little one.  I wish I had taken a better picture!

Throwing this party was a ball!  The look on her face made up for the fact that most people didn't contribute to the "group" gift.  Losers!!  Even if they didn't didn't stop me from spending tons of money. 

So, no one else get pregnant (you know, other than the 11 of my friends who are already pregnant- three of you with TWINS!) until my bank account recovers...mmmkay?!?!


  1. How sweet you are to surprise your BFF! She totally looks happy!!

    I'm sure she appreciated all of it, including the boss springing for the pizza.

  2. I think hand made blankets are my favorite baby gift!

  3. Ooh, looks like so much fun! And wow, your baby blanket looks amazing. I wish you would have gotten a close-up of it!!

    Justine :o )

  4. 1. I hope I look that tiny when I'm that pregnant.
    2. You made a baby blanket? I'm impressed. I've been working on a scarf for three years.
    3. What a great gift idea with all the different size onesies. Cute!
    4. ELEVEN pregnant friends? Holy crap! Can you send me some of the water up there?

  5. You did a wonderful job Cole!

  6. You are so good! I can't believe you made that blanket; it's so perfect.

  7. uuuugh! i have been wanting a surprise party FOREVER! nobody ever throws me one! it's not fair!!

    ok, end rant.

    that baby blanket is fantastic! you're such a good friend.

  8. We blew the picture up of the blanket. It is gorgeous!! I'm, sure sweatpea will love it.


  9. What a sweet gift idea. That is so nice. A lot of people having babies. Wo..

  10. This is such a lovely gesture of great friendship! I love that you made it a surprise, and that monkey butt is so super cute.


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