February 26, 2013

Bridesmaid Dresses

Friday evening, Kristin (aka the bride!) and all her bridesmaids convened at David's Bridal to pick out dresses.

We started with a vision of her two matron of honors in begonia/fuschia and her three bridesmaids in a lighter pink.  I think Kristin originally was thinking a shorter dress too (but wouldn't swear to it).  After trying on lots of gowns and having the salesperson deem us "the happiest bridesmaids all week", we'll be wearing these gowns on August 2nd:

via David's Bridal website
The bride and Sandy (the lucky girl who WON'T need it hemmed like some of us shorties!)

What do you think? If you're nice, I'll model it for you AFTER it arrives in May and I get my alterations done.



  1. I like it but it would not flatter my body type at all.

  2. I love when brides pick full length bridesmaids dresses! I can't wait to see the final look!

  3. I love the color, that is my favorite!

    Loveys Sasha

  4. Love the color! If I had some form of hips/butt I'd wear it ;)

  5. SO pretty!! Obsessed with that color!


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