February 15, 2013

Notes From A Snowdrift...

I'm alive!  Thanks to the sweet people who emailed and tweeted inquiring how I weathered "Nemo".

It was quite the adventure, I tell ya!  Snow started coming down lightly Friday morning - which I took to mean as "let's go grocery shopping and try to locate the last D batteries known to man".  I spent the afternoon taking pictures and taking heat and electricity for granted.  You know where this is going, right?!

I lost power Friday evening as the snow started getting heavier.  That meant no heat either, making my already drafty house cold very quickly!  The pups and I bundled up with fleece and down blankets and hoped power would be back in the morning.

No such luck!  Snow continued to fall and the temperature inside my home continued to drop.  Saturday night I couldn't sleep I was so cold.  Turns out that it was below zero out...and probably only 20-30 degrees in my house!  My parents (who had power from Saturday morning on) showed up to help me dig out Sunday afternoon - BLESS them!!!!  When I realized that power wasn't going to come back on that day, I rounded up the furkids and make the trek to their home.

By Monday back, most people had power back. NOT ME!!!!!  I did get power back Monday evening about 7 o'clock or so.  HURRAY!!!

And...if you read this far, you get rewarded with pictures.

Yes, I did...and still do have snow drifts taller than my windows.

Check out the awesome icicles!

Brady was a little cranky that he had less luck scaling the snowdrifts than Paisley did.

Paisley is my little snowbunny!



  1. Bleh! You could always come down to FL...:p

  2. All that snow! I bet that was a pain to dig out of. At least you had help :)

    I totally keep a kerosene heater in case of winter power outages. Those things CRANK the heat.

  3. I can't imagine losing power for days. Scary. Glad you and pups made the best of it!

  4. Oh my gosh that is a ton of snow!! Crazy. But the doggy pics are adorable ;)


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