April 16, 2013

It Doesn't Define Us

I am a proud Bostonian.
The events of Mondays bombing are horrifying, disheartening and sad.
But whoever did this needs to know that they didn't succeed. Boston is a resilient city! We will band together and be better than ever. In Massachusetts, Marathon Monday is also known as Patriots Day - the anniversary of when the American Revolution started. If we could make it through that, we can make it through this.
Bombing our beautiful city won't slow us down and it won't define us. We're better than that...


  1. That's the spirit and attitude we all need to take! :)

  2. My thoughts are with Boston. My attitude is, too. ;-)

  3. <3 <3 <3

    I'm still in shock but completely happy and amazed at Boston's resiliency!


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