April 10, 2013

Notes From Paisley's Crate...

Hi Peoples! 
Momma used to let Beckett write a blog post from time to time, and he snuck me her password....heeheehee.

Right now, momma is mumbling something about never being able to have pretty flowers ever again.  I have *no idea* why she'd say that.  All I did was pick them for her!  How was I supposed to know that I should wait until they bloom first?!?!

She also says she's having me de-pawed??  No, that can't be right.  Maybe de-clawed.  Nah.  She'd never do that to me either.  Maybe I shouldn't fluff her face again though....at least until the scratch I gave her this morning heals.  She seemed a little upset to be woken up that way this morning.

Think if I let her watch Animal Planet and play with my squeaky squirrel she'll be happy again?  It always makes me happy!

Paisley Skye

P.S.  Brady stole momma's credit card. That means I get a new dress!  Right?



  1. Oh, no! A scratch - hope its not too bad! Need to learn to gentler, little lady!

  2. I love to pick flowers too! They're just too beautiful to leave outside! I need them with me NOW!


  3. Hehehehe...mum threatened to has me de-barked. Hoomans always be bluffin' so don't worries.

    Make sures Brady gets 2 dresses cuz I could always use sumptin new.

    I hopes your mom's wound heals...or leaves a scar so hers can make up some cool story to tells.


  4. Buy the new dress, ASAP!!!! Loved hearing from you puppy friend!

    Eve Belle

  5. Ouch! Mom hates it when I scratch her.

  6. It sounds like a bit of trouble at your place. I usually try to just look especially cute and lay low and Mommy always bounces right back. Don't tell, but I actually bit my Mommy once and she even forgave me for that, so I know you will be ok.

    Loveys Sasha


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