November 01, 2013

A Month of Thanks...Day One

A lot of people started their month of thanks on Facebook today...and I think it's great.  It just happens that I'm shy - and trust you all a little more than the people that can see my FB profile.

Today I'm thankful for coffee.  It sounds weird that I'd pick an object to be thankful for...especially on day one, right?!  Trust me, I'll get to the BIG stuff later in the month.  :-)

As an insomniac, there are nights that I sleep 20 minutes at a time.  Nights I sleep for two hours, am up for most of the night and then fall asleep again around 5 AM.  Night that I don't sleep.  Period.  That makes me thankful for caffeine.  I try to use it sparingly so it doesn't further impact my insomnia...but there's just nothing like a the first glass of ice coffee in the morning!  (I much prefer ice coffee to hot coffee)


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  1. You know me dear, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my iced coffee. Just made my second glass this morning…. yay for lazy Saturdays.


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