November 04, 2013

A Month of Thanks....Day Four

OK...I think I might be failing at this whole "blogging on a schedule" thing.  But I'm trying!

Today I'm thankful for computers.  Not only do they give me (indirectly) a job {It would be really hard to be a Social Media Manager w/o using a computer!}, but so many of my friends and family are spread across the country.  Lots of my favorite people "live" in the computer!

Obviously a stock photo.  We all know I can't sit down without being covered in dachshunds!



  1. I'm thankful for technology, too. Even though there are days when I want to destroy it all, it really does make my life more fun.

  2. Happy month of thanks! Love these posts. I'm grateful for you, computers - and more! :-)


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