January 25, 2016

Cake Smash!

Sunday I had the pleasure of accompanying my cousin Kristin to cake smash photo shoot.  What is a cake smash you ask?

smash cake n. a celebratory cake intended to be destroyed, especially by a child. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

Growing up, my mom made my brother and I each a tiny cake to smush into for our first birthdays. I still have the pictures my dad took as I demolished my cake in the midst of my birthday party.  The looks on the friends and family around me are almost as priceless as the look on my face at the texture and taste of yellow cake with chocolate frosting!

These days, professionally documenting a cake smash is all the rage! More often than not, it's done a few weeks before a first birthday and the pictures are either shown by mom/dad on social media on the birthday - or used for the birthday party invitation.

Sunday's photo shoot was for an absolutely adorable little girl, I'll call CC.  (Don't get me wrong, mom and dad were REALLY nice - but little CC was just the sweetest little thing!)

Prep: White backdrop and pink & green party decorations

Looking adorable in her party dress!

It took a little convincing - but she finally DOVE into her cake!

I can't show you pictures of the final product (yet).  Kristin is good, but needs a little more time to work her magic AND let Claire's parents see the pictures first.  Instead, here are a few other recent cake smashes! 

What are your thoughts on cake smash sessions?  Did you do it for your kids?



  1. This is truly adorable! I think I want this for my birthday ...though maybe I'm too old. LOL

  2. What a great idea and what beautiful collages your friend puts together!!

  3. OMG, that is adorable! I didn't do a photo shoot, but definitely got my boys a cake on their birthday. This is the cutest!

  4. Oh, so cute! I didn't do a cake smash with Mac, but definitely did with Mim! And it was epic and adorable!! I totally want one for my next birthday!


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