January 14, 2016

For the Dogs - My "Favorites" List

I am crazy about dogs.  But you all know that...and (thankfully) most of you appreciate that part of me!

I tend to buy most of my dogtastic items from Amazon.  It's easy to price shop, you know what you're getting...and hey, I already have Amazon Prime!  So, free shipping!

Here are a few of my current favorite items:

Nylabone Liquid Tartar Remover
This might not be the most fun place to start, but dachshunds have bad teeth.  Really.  As in "a trip to the dentist every year or so" bad.  I don't know if you've tried to brush your dogs teeth before, but some are less willing to participate than others.  If I can keep the tartar off their teeth by mixing in a little additive to their water, I'm all for it!

Outward Hound Slow Feeder Bowl
Mealtime can be like the Wild West in my house.  Yes, each of the dogs has their designated place to sit and wait for breakfast and dinner.  But are they quiet about it?!  Heck, no!  And two of them try to inhale their food instead of chewing!  I absolutely love slow feed bowls.  It keeps them interested and slows down the rate that they can get food in their mouths.  If you have a deep chested dog - you know that eating fast can cause bloat; something that scares me.  Just the prospect of saving myself and my dogs that kind of medical emergency is worth the bowls!

Jakks Plubber Dog Toys
These things are all the rage in my household.  Plush + rubber = plubber.  My herd are not aggressive chewers, but are known to take down a stuffy when they put their mind to it, so I prefer not to give them too many toys with stuffing.  Beckett is partial to this mallard!  It's medium rubber inside and covered in a nice plush on the outside.  Added bonus - when they throw the toys at each other (what, your dogs don't do that?!) you're less likely to bruise if you get in the way!

Earthbath Tea Tree Hot Spot & Itch Relief Spray
It doesn't happen often, but Beckett will get a hot spot from time to time.  My parent's spaniel is plagued by them.  It's her body's reaction to being stressed whenever they go on vacation.  This spray is all natural, smells good (kinda minty), and has helped poor Carmella so much.  A few spritzes take the itch away for her and it's enough to get her body healing.  I know a few people that use it between baths for all their dogs - it has oatmeal, vitamin E, aloe vera and teatree oil, so I bet the dogs love it!

Burt's Bees Oatmeal Dog Shampoo
Little secret...I don't like the scent of most dog shampoos, and some of them bother my asthma.  This shampoo doesn't smell much, rinses out quickly and I trust the brand.  The herd likes it too.  I mean, as much as they can for being anti-bath. Ha!  (P.S.  I might be holding a giveaway this dog shampoo next week...)

Poochie Bells
You're probably going to think this is nuts...but my dogs are bell trained when they want to go out.  It started for our family about 15 years ago when my mom put bells on the door for Christmas.  The dogs started hitting them when they wanted to go out, and the bells stayed at the end of the holiday season.  It was an easy system for the older dogs to teach the young dogs and they picked it up quickly!  Think it would work for you?

What are your favorite products?  Anything the dogs and I NEED to try?


I am an Amazon affiliate, If you *happen* to make a purchase of any of the linked products, I won't get rich.  But I just might be able to buy the pups a new bag of cookies...


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