July 10, 2009

It's My Birthday and I'll GIVEAWAY If I Want To!

Yep, you heard it right....July 11th is my birthday. Feel free to insert 7/11 convenience store jokes *HERE*. :-)

I'm a giver. So, instead of getting presents for my birthday, I'm giving them! Think of it as a win-win situation; I feel good because I'm giving you all the chance to win something and you get to try and avenge the loss of my Coach giveaway from last week!

This giveaway includes:

A green and cream shawl...cuz it's cute and I like green! (Please ignore my blue bed spread)

A quirky wine cork. What's better than sarcasm and alcohol?!?! NOTHING!

A cute magnet! Thank you all for being my bloggy friends. :-)

Burt's Bees lip stash pack. What?!?! It's cute and it wears well.

A "Best of Ulta" Mineral Kit. Contents: 2 mini eye shadows,
sample size finishing powder, eye liner pencil, eye shadow brush, retractable kabuki brush.

"How to Behave" by Caroline Tiger. In light of Bridezilla.... I thought I'd be nice and share with you all the modernized version of an Emily Post-esque etiquette book. Not that I don't think you are all PERFECT just the way you are!!

Here are the rules:

You get ONE entry for commenting.
You get ONE entry for following me.
You get ONE entry for blogging about my giveaway or putting it on your sidebar.
You get a super special bonus entry if a commenter tells me that YOU sent them to me!
Unless you are one of my frequent commenters, I'm going to need a little reminder that you follow me...mmmkay? I want you all to get the right amount of entries.
Entries/comments need to be in by midnight EST on Thursday, July 16th and the winner will be announced on Friday the 17th. Good luck!!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! (early) You are such a sweetie to have another terrific giveaway! I hope you have a wonderful birthday :-)

  2. Since I have a new computer that works, I am

    1: Yep, I follow you
    1: I so blogged about your birthday ... and I went back and edited it to add there was even a giveway too! And, I put a link on my sidebar.

    :) Happy birthday again!

  3. Happy Birthday Dear Sweet Cole! I love that you will celebrate half Birthdays one day! You will have happy children : ). This give away is WONDERFUL! Wowza. I love all things Burt Bee's creates : )

  4. Oh! I'm a follower and I'll post about this manana! You're so weet to do another giveaway.

  5. Happy almost birthday to you. I commented and have been a follower. :)

  6. Happy birthday, Cole! And you are very generous...Christine

  7. Happy early birthday!! Such fun giveaways. I'm a follower.

  8. Okay so clearly, I NEED all of this. I live in Germany and needs scarves. I live in Germany so I drink a lot, and need the cork. If I ever don't drink enough to put the cork back in :) And of course I don't get to shop at a real store with cool stuff so I need the rest. Everyone else can stop entering now.

    I comment, I follow, I will post. Amen.

  9. And because this deserves its own comment:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Happy Birthday Sweet Cole!!!!!

    Okay, let's see. I follow, I've commented, and I'm putting you on my sidebar now. I'd do a post, but I just put a new one up. Sigh.

    Dang girl, you have the BEST giveaways!

    Justine :o )

  11. Happy Happy Birthday!! Hope the weather is better in your neck of the woods!!

    I am a follower.

    And I posted about your givaway here: http://inmyblondelife.blogspot.com/2009/07/givaways-galore.html

  12. What a fun giveaway! I found out about it from Sarah's blog {Classy and Fabulous}! I just became a follower as well! I hope you have a very happy birthday!!

    Come visit my blog sometime too! xoxo

  13. Happy Birthday!! 29? Again?? LOL I will mention this on my blog too. Of course you know I "follow" you :P

  14. commenting! and i am a follower! happy birthday!

  15. Hope you had a super happy birthday! And I follow you already.

  16. Happy Birthday! I am a new follower, but a follower nonetheless, and I have posted this on my blog too! :)

    Awesome giveaway!! Count me in ;)
    p.s. of course i'm a follower! xo

  18. hi! i'm a follower! cool giveaway. :)

  19. Please enter me! I have also become a follower of your blog.

    I am so happy that Tiney won the pink Coach wristlet! She sure deserved it after sending so many people your way.


  20. Happy birthday! And what a way to celebrate - by giving away goodies! BTW - love Burts bees!. SO, I'm commenting and I follow you and you're on my blogs I'm following list on my blog.
    Wishing you a fabulous birthday where you are surrounded with love and warm wishes for the entire day.

  21. Happy Birthday!! You share a birthday with my mom! =)

  22. I'm a follower! What a fun giveaway! =D

  23. (Im not entering since I recently won 2 giveaways!!) BUT!! I wanted to say happy (belated - I'm so sorry!) birthday sweetie!! I hope it was wonderful and I cannot wait to hear all about it!!!! :)

  24. Happy Birthday! Mine is just a couple days away! I became a follower and I'll add something to my sidebar!

  25. Happy Birthday!
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  26. What a fun giveaway! you have such a good heart! :) I'm a follower too! :) xoxo!

  27. SO FUN!

    I'm a follower and here's my comment :)


  28. What a GREAT giveaway! Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing!!

  29. Happy Belated b-Day! Can't wait to see you on Wednesday!!!

  30. Another great giveaway and I wanted to wish you a happy belated birthday! My b-day is the 12th. We are so close together!

    I am commenting, am already a follower and have posted this giveaway on the sidebar of my blog.

  31. Oh wow what lovely goodies!! I will definetly tell my friends and family!! Hope they enter too so that I can get extra special entires!


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