July 22, 2009

Little Bits of Randomness...

It's only Wednesday, but my brain is FRIED. I apologize for the lack of coherent posting. :-) In the meantime, I'm just going to talk about a few random things...mmkay?
Two fabulous people on my "must read" list are having giveaways! How exciting!

Drop on by Mrs. Realife's blog and enter to win a $30 gift card/item up to $30 from Living Rooms Direct. They have some really cool stuff. Just do me a favor and if you do head over there - tell her I sent you. :-) MUCHAS GRACIAS

The other awesome giveaway is from Kaitlin at Life of a Busy Wife. She's offering up a copy of the book Julie and Julia. It's coming out in the movies soon and this would be a great chance to read the book to have a point of comparison.


My next random thought is on perfume. I know we all like to smell good... but I'm curious how many "spritzes" is the norm. I tend to spray the air twice and walk through. Am I the only one? The thing is - I have asthma. Because I do such a good job controlling it, I don't have to tell many people. However.... it's really humid this week which aggravates it a smidge. It was all good until a woman in my office decided to BATH in perfume then walk back and forth in front of me all day. She LITERALLY took my breathe away.

On another work related note - there was a little office celebration for a co-worker that is getting married. The coordinator decided that because the groom likes Elvis so much, that there should be an Elvis impersonator at the party. I now introduce you to our Elvis.... He went a little heavy on the self tanner, huh?!?!


And lastly.... I LOVE make-up; I'm a self proclaimed junkie! When Lis posted about joining Beautyfix, I just had to jump on the bandwagon. Mind you I only joined this morning, but I'm so excited! Only $19.99 for all this stuff because of a special offer! They hook you up with hundreds of dollars of stuff cheap - no sample size stuff either; you get the good stuff - FULL SIZE. Quarterly they send you packages and invoice you $49.99. I know it seems like a lot - but for each person you refer, they take $10.00 off your next package. Plus you can always cancel after you get your first highly discounted shipment. :-)

If you're interested, let me know and I'll wrangle you an invite!


  1. I'm a one squirt gal on the perfume ... those that linger 15 minutes after they've passed ... WHOA! Nelly!!

    Elvis' a bit tan ...

    TY for the info on makeup ... Have a great eve.
    TTFN ~Marydon

  2. I hate heavy perfume. Especially the skank old lady kind. Gag. Typically it takes me by such surprise that I gasp or gag out loud. Oops.

  3. Hi I just wanted to say I love your doxie! one spritz is enough for my mom but she is always on the prowl for a perfume similar to the floral one she loved so much but has been discontinued like, forever(emma by laura ashley) . Hugs, Baxter

  4. ugh, there are many older women at my office that go perfume spray crazy! i think they used to spray a few times a day.
    we were recently told we can't use any scented items in the office...lotions or perfumes. the lady that over does it is a file delivery lady, i don't think she got the memo....
    hope you're having a great week :)

  5. That makeup deal sounds amazing.

    Haha and sadly, I own a few pieces of make-up but NEVER wear it. I always either forget to put it on or don't care.

    I always convince myself that I am going to start wearing a little more, but I never follow through.

  6. Yikes, my mother puts on perfume like your coworker. Literally soaks herself in it and I hate every scent she wears because they're super strong. I like sweet!

    Justine :o )

  7. You know I LOVE makeup. Send me an invite. Perhaps I shall do it. :)
    Nice Elvis BTW. Did you get a pic w/him??

  8. Hi Cole, thanks for visiting Sedona's blog!
    I use just one spritz on the wrists and then swipe it behind my ears. I'n not a fan of scent overkill, either!
    Sedona's Human

  9. Hey Cole! Unfortunately, my Daddy likes to bathe in his cologne. Momma doesn't even wear perfume because no one would ever be able to smell her. One day at work, one of the docs asked her if her hubby was there and she said no, why? He said I smell cologne. Sad, very sad! In you "about me" section it says you have the best dogs in the world...how many do you have and can we see some pics?
    Love and hugs,


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