December 07, 2009

Musical Monday - This Christmas

It feels a bit odd holding my usual Music Monday.  I've been putting up a Christmas song a day since November 30th.  :-)  Thanks to those of you that have offered feedback or stopped to give a listen!

Today is "This Christmas".

Now, can I tell you all that I feel soooo far behind?  I have a huge to-do list, that keeps growing every day...and NOTHING seems to be getting crossed off.  I'll get there eventually.  I just hope that it's not New Years' before I get my Christmas "to-do" list done!


  1. How funny I have a list that is a mile long too. Who knows when I will get it all finished.

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwww...thanks for sharing all those wonderful songs dear Cole....
    We love listening them!!!!
    And our secretary and us have a very very very long list like yours about things to do!!!!
    Hope to be able to da everything in time!!!!
    HAve a wonderful day!!

  3. When you're done with your stuff, can you come and do my baking?

    Justine :o )

  4. Never too much music Cole!!!

    I have Harry Connick's version of this as my ringtone!!

  5. TQ Cole, she's also one of my favourites and love the jazzy feel...



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