December 06, 2009

Pay It Forward

*Blogger trouble again; sorry! This post was intended for Saturday afternoon.*

This morning, I went to get coffee at Dunkin Donuts, and was reminded why I take such joy in the Christmas season.  I know, I exactly did coffee remind you of why you enjoy Christmas?

Well, I waited in line (in my toasty warm car) and ordered my iced latte (yes, this crazy girl loves iced beverages during the winter); when I got up to the window to pay - I was informed that the person before me had bought my coffee!! 

It bought the biggest smile to my face!  I, of course, said that I'd pay for the person behind me.  That brought an even bigger smile to the girl at the drive-through.  "Bless you", she said. "I have to tell you that this has been going on for FOUR HOURS."

I gasped in amazement.  I come from a city of nice people - but was utterly amazed that the Christmas spirit of giving had lasted that long.

*Afterword (ya know; since it didn't post like it was supposed to):
Being the caffeine-driven girl that I am, stopped at Dunkin again on my way home following Heather's birthday shin-dig.  I was a little sad that someone had stopped the trail of kindness - but by that time, it had gone on almost 12 hours.*

And that, is why I love Christmas.



  1. That is SUCH an awesome story! Amazing!

  2. That was pawesome! Nobody does that here!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. that is great!! Everyone is in the Christmas spirit!!

  4. you hoomans are really NICE hoomans......what good hearts and i loooove you lots for doing that bol......want to come live here????

    i think i will MAKE mumster do that and see what happens

  5. awwwww,TQ for the song, love it

  6. That is such a great thing to have happen. What a way to make someones day.

  7. That is so cool! Makes me want to do that at my Starbucks!


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