February 28, 2010

It's A Blogoversary Bash!

I can't believe that it's been a year! (Actually, my blogoversary was last Tuesday...so, better late than never, right?)

I never, never, never expected going into this - that a year later I would be even more excited about blogging than ever, that I would have "met" so many people I now consider my friends, or that I would be running to my computer to read about what you've all been up to.

Thank you to everyone that deemed my blog worth reading. Thanks to the new followers & bigger thanks to the people that followed me all the way back in the beginning. Old and new - you're all fabulous!! Your comments, links, suggestions, recipes, etc. are all so valuable to me. I get such a thrill when my phone "moos" an email alert. (Yes. My phone "moos" at me to alert me to a new email. I'm weird. You all knew that already.  Moving on....)

Most of you know how fond I am of giveaways. Until I learn to trust the USPS again, I won't be compiling gifts on my own. However... I don't want to deprive you all of the giveaways that you deserve! These suckers are shipping directly from the vendor. :-) *Side note: USPS sent me a notice that they have two of my boxes shipped in October. The actual post office can't find them though. If you won an October giveaway and didn't get your prizes, email me!! We'll find a replacement prize. *
Prize 1: A glass globe of your choice from Uncommon Goods.  I absolutely adore this website for all their fantastic gifts and..well...uncommon goods.
Prize 2: Folded notes and address stamper of your choice at Expressionery.com.  As much as our lives are very much online these days, I was still taught that nothing can beat a hand-written note.  I love to check the mail and see a written correspondence. 
Prize 3: A $25 gift certificate and bookmark of your choice from Barnes & Noble.  As much as I love to read - I couldn't leave something book related off my list.  :-)
Here are the rules:

You get ONE entry for commenting on this post.
You get ONE entry for following my blog.
You get ONE entry for following me on Twitter.
You get ONE entry for Tweeting about my giveaway.
You get ONE entry for blogging about my giveaway or putting it on your sidebar.
You get ONE entry for telling me what your favorite book is.

Please tell me what to give you credit for; I want you all to get the right amount of entries.

Entries/comments need to be in by midnight EST on Sunday, March 7th and the winner will be announced on Monday the 8th.


  1. Happy Blogversary to you! One year goes by fast when you're having fun!

    Well, I'm following your blog.

    I'm following you on twitter.

    And, my favorite book...I have so many but my most favorite recently is the Help by Kathryn Stockett.

  2. Ok, sadly I was one of those October giveaway winners! I had forgotten all about it until now! So they actually let you know that they had the packages but now they can't find them! That is just so weird!

  3. Happy First Blogoversary! And many more to come!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Happy Blogoversary Cole!!!!

  5. Happy Blogoversary! I'm so glad we "met!"

    I'm a follower.

    I follow you on Twitter.

    And my favorite book is Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I just got her new book in the mail yesterday, and I can't wait to dive in!

  6. Congrats on your Blogoversary, Cole. I am a follower now...Christine

  7. I comment! Happy Bloggy Bday!!
    I Follow your blog
    I follow you on twitter and I tweeted
    I blogged it
    My Favorite book!? Dear Vodka, It Me Chelsea by Chelsea Handler =D

  8. That's awesome ~ happy blogoversary! I'm of course a follower, and my favorite book? Oooh - that's tough! I'd say it's either "The Tenant of Wildfell Hall" or anything by Agatha Christie :-)

  9. Happy Blogoversary!!

    Also a follower and favorite book...hmmmmm....I'd have to say "The Stand" by Stephen King!!

  10. Wow happy blogoversary.. That is amazing.. I do love your blog and hanging out her for sure..

    Have a great day.

  11. My favorite book is any of the Twilight books..

  12. & I'm a follower...

    =] I'm so happy, this is the first time in months that I haven't commented, closed the window and had to restart my computer, cuz like 1,000 Internet Explorers usually pop up. So I stopped commenting! =]

  13. Yay! Happy anniversary!!! I love your giveaways. You always pick the best stuff!
    Let me know if you want everything in a separate comment, K?
    1) left a comment... duh
    2) I'm a follower
    3) I'm a twitter follower
    4) I tweeted
    5) Putting your giveaway on my sidebar now!
    6) Favorite book? Well shit. You know I read so many. How about this? There's a really super cute series called The Hot Flash Club written by Nancy Thayer. I love love loved those books!!!

    Justine :o )

  14. I know this will sound super cheesy, but I feel like I have known you much longer than a year. Is that weird? Anyway, congrats on making it to a year!

    Of course I follow you (and have since way back when!).

    My favorite book as of recently is The Double Bind by Chris Bojhilan (Spelling?). I loved loved loved it!

    What a fun giveaway. You always know cool things to pick!

  15. Congrats on one year! That's amazing.

    +1 I comment
    +1 I follow the blog
    +1 twitter follower: @shootingstarmag
    +1 favorite book: the perks of being a wallflower by stephen chbosky, willow by julia hoban, and ballads of suburbia by stephanie kuehnert (that's not even the half of them!)

    All in all: 4 points!

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  16. Okay, I blogged about it, and my favorite book... well, I can't pick, so I'll go with what I'm reading right now, which is The Pact by Jodi Picoult! (That's 4 entries for me) And I don't have twitter, so I give up on the other 2 points. =] I'm going to try to do my own giveaway by the end of this week, if I stop getting homework piled on me!

  17. entry #2: I am a follower :-)

  18. entry #3: I've got the giveaway on my sidebar :-)

  19. congrats dear Cole......time really flies
    here's to another great year


  20. Congratulations to you on your Blogoversary!! I just started in November and am having so much fun. I hope that you get a chance to stop over and say hello. I would look forward to meeting you. Now for your give away. I am a new follower, I am leaving a comment on this post, I have mentioned your giveaway on my blog, and have also posted your Tuesdays at the Table button on my sidebar. My favorite book, to be honest it is cookbooks that do more than just show recipes. The ones that talk about the events and show photos of when and where the recipes are used. Thanks for doing the party and thanks for doing the giveaway.

  21. Happy blogoversary!

    My favorite book is Little Women

    I really enjoy participating in your weekly event each Tuesday (for the last 2 weeks)!

  22. Happy Blogaversary!!
    1. comment
    2. I follow
    3. Twilight Series

  23. Happy Blogoversary! It has been a pleasure to follow you for the past I can't even remember how long!

    I'm a blog follower!

  24. Thanks for an awesome giveaway! I'm following your blog, and I'm following you on Twitter. My favorite book of all time is the Giver. (That's 4!)

  25. Happy anniversary to you! I can't believe this has been going on for a year! I'm almost to 300 posts and my anniversary is in 3 weeks! CRAZY!!!!! Congrats ... and so glad you're sticking with it!

    Favorite book: Pillars of the Earth
    Blog follower: check
    Twitter follower: check
    Med student extraordinaire: check!


  26. PS: You need to update your about me. Pretty sure the Army did its job. :)

  27. Such lovely giveaway items! So exciting! (COMMENT)

    I'm a follower of your BLOG.

    I'm a follower on TWITTER.

    I TWEETED your giveaway.

    My FAVORITE BOOK is Pride & Prejudice.

  28. I realized I have one entry left! last entry:
    my fave book is "Lucky" by Alice Sebold

  29. I follow you on Twitter! (@aRealLifeWife)

  30. You know we all love your blog! You're fabulous!


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