February 03, 2010

Surgery Day...

Hello, lovely ladies.  It's Thursday; surgery day for my sweet mom.

I know it sounds weird...but I'm kind of excited!  This mastectomy - while painful and invasive, will mean that margin revisions are all over with and mom can move forward with her other treatments.  One more step to being cancer-free.  :-)

She's ready.  No second thoughts. And I'm proud of her!

I've already threatened my brother and father that if they drink or eat in front of her (you think it's funny - I've seen the nastiness that occurred the last time my dad did it) pre-op - that I will kill them.  Or throw them out into the waiting room.  My choice.  Or mom's.  Whatever works.

I also have two books, knitting and my Nintendo DS ready for what is going to be a very long day.  I'd like to bring my computer... but I know that I have a hard time sitting still and don't want to lug my laptop with me on walks.  I will be tweeting though - so feel free to distract me from time to time.

If you are so inclined, please keep my mom in your thoughts/prayers.  I appreciate it, and I know that she does too.


  1. You are both in my thoughts today!!! I hope for nothing but the best! =D

  2. I will have my paws crossed and my mom will be praying too!
    I am sure everyting will be ok!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  3. I know everything is going to go well for your mom. She has the right attitude!! I'm praying for her that she recovers quickly.

  4. My thoughts are with you and your mum for a stress-free surgery and a speedy recovery.

  5. {{{{{Cole}}}} Give your mom an extra hug this morning, just from me. I'm proud of her and how brave she's been and still is. I'll definitely be thinking of you and saying some prayers.

    Justine :o )

  6. I will keep all of you in my thoughts today....Jo

  7. best wishes to your momma today!

  8. she will be in my thoughts.. HUgs...

  9. Praying for both of you today!

  10. sending good thoughts your way :)

    Good luck to your Mom

  11. I'm full of hope that all goes well and that everyone feels great relief at the end of the day!

  12. I'm catching up late today, but I hope all went well!

  13. Hi Cole,

    We are praying that your mommy will have a quick recovery and that she will be cancer free!

    All our love and positive thoughts for you and especially your mommy right now.

    We have missed you guys,
    Riley and Star.

  14. How did it go??
    I hope she's doing well!

  15. I hope everything goes as planned... she is in my thoughts!!! (as are you!)


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