May 10, 2010

The Life and Times of...Um, Me?

Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. I miss blogging and I miss all of you. It’s been a rough couple of weeks…

My “girls” decided to have a little fight. Carmella bit Meadow’s ear and tore it close to in half lengthwise. Their jostle for Alpha status is an extremely rare occurrence and despite my mom running towards them, she didn’t see what started the problem. Meadow is a tough little cookie – and after then went to their separate corners – we thought everyone came out unscathed. Not so, unfortunately. A few minutes later Meadow ran up to her Grammy with blood dripping quickly off her ear. I was called home and the little princess had to have emergency surgery to sew up the ear. She’s been in an Elizabethan collar since then (just over a week) and I bring her for a re-check tomorrow night. To make her more comfortable (and to limit her jumping off my bed), I’m sleeping with her on the couch. I miss my bed!

A few of you lovelies have seen my job tweets. I try to keep where I work as shielded as possible, but I do need to share my utter disappointment here. I have been performing a job function (in addition to my normal job) for about 2 years now. Well, this project is getting off the ground and it’s time to hire a permanent person to perform this job function. As the person already doing it – and LOVING all that it entails- I applied for this position a six weeks ago. A month and one day after going through four interviews for said position, I found out that someone else was hired to assume my role. I’m sad. I’m disappointed. And, frankly, I’m a little ticked that I need to train the person taking my position. However, my boss has told me that my hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. (HURRAY!) I have yet to see the job description, but it seems a new job is being created for me. As soon as I know more, I’ll let you all know.

This weekend was hospital-centric. Mom has been experiencing side-effects from chemo. Saturday she went into the hospital with a fever, racing heart and shortness of breath. Right now, it looks like these symptoms are all part of moderate dehydration. Darn chemo!! With any luck – she gets to come home today. Not to be outdone by my mom – my grandma has been admitted to the hospital too. Grandma passed out in the parking lot of a restaurant yesterday after breakfast and had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital. This freaked out my poor Aunt and Uncle! Anytime an 88 year old woman passes out, it causes concern. Both of these lovely ladies are now in the cardiac care unit.

As soon as life settles down a little, I’ll be back to blogging with a vengeance. I know I said it before – but I MISS YOU GUYS!!!! Please let me know what I’m missing. :-)


  1. lady it sounds like you have been busy and stressed!!
    i'm glad to hear a position is being created for you, you totally deserved that other position you wanted.
    i hope your mom and grandma are feeling better soon, i will say a little prayer for them.
    sorry to hear about your pups as well, my goodness :(
    i hope you have a great week...stress free! ;)

  2. Oh my! At least you are armed with a good exucse for being absent. Hope it all settles down and everyone gets back to good health ASAP!

  3. wow, I'm so sorry to hear about all you've been going through! I did notice you were MIA, but I figured like most bloggers it was because of the warm weather. I hope things get better for you!!!

  4. Well geez Cole, I was actually wondering why you've been so quiet. I saw that you stopped by my blog but didn't comment, which is unlike you. Now I know why!
    I'm so sorry that poor Meadow almost had her ear ripped off! Bad Carmella! Bad!

    And your mom. As if she needs to feel any worse. She's such a fighter.

    I hope your grandma is okay. What do they think may be wrong with her heart?

    As for you not getting the position you were already doing the work for? That just SUCKS. I hope whatever this new position is that's being created for you is GOOD, because you work sooooooooooo hard!

    Justine :o )

  5. Woah! You have certainly had a lot going on lately. I'm so sorry about your Meadow. I hope that she is okay now. Poor girl. And I'm sorry to hear about the job thing. I hope that this new position that they are creating is everything you hope for!

    Sending my prayers to your Mom and Grandma.

  6. Wow sounds like stresses could get to you very easily! Don't let them! Keep your head up! and i've always heard that if you threw your problems with everyone else's problems into a pile, you'd want to take yours back... not sure how appealing that sounds but keep your head up!

  7. Aw, I'm sorry about the job situation. I think I would be a little ticked off too. Maybe you'll get a big promotion soon!

  8. Aw, I'm sorry about the job situation. I think I would be a little ticked off too. Maybe you'll get a big promotion soon!

  9. You have been busy! I pray everyone starts feeling better!

  10. Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry about all you've gone through. The job thing is frustrating, I'm sure. And sounds like you're spending too much time in hospitals, including doggie hospitals! I don't know why dogs' ears bleed sooooo much, but they do! Hope everyone is feeling better soon, and I hope the job thing turns out to be something even better than the job you didn't get!

  11. Your in our thought and prayer with so many challenges right now. Thanks for the party here and we'll hold down the fort!

  12. you went through a lot and i hope the next week will be better for you. sorry about Meadow; i really have to watch my two little ones when they play too aggressive.

    praying for your mum and grandma to recover soon
    Xchikisses to you for all that you've been through

  13. That does sum everything up, huh? I am glad you had time to blog! We missed your posts :)

  14. I'm praying for your mom. Chemo is just so vicious. Necessary but vicious.

    Sorry about the job as well. That stinks! I'm glad they creating a special position for you though.

  15. "Rough couple of weeks" sounds like quite an understatement. I hope your pup heals quickly, the job thing works out in your favor sooner rather than later, and that your mom and grandmom get out of the hospital soon. Y'all are in my thoughts, and my pups send extra kisses!

  16. Hey Cole! Gosh you have had a lot going on! I sure hope the chemo doesn't affect your mom like this during her whole treatment. For my mom it was mostly extreme fatigue and low blood counts and nausea. But she is done now and I know your mom will pull through. As a good friend said to me at the beginning of this journey, "It will be ok. It is gonna suck for about 6 months but it will be ok. These sucky 6 months will give you more quality time with your mom in the future."
    I had to remember that a couple times during her chemo but I thought it might help you to hear it as well. For me, that was the most helpful thing I heard. I hope your gram is ok. I can't wait to hear about your new position as I'm sure it will be amazing!!
    Teresa and Twix


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