September 02, 2010

8 Questions

I was tagged by the super-fabulous (What?  It's a word in my dictionary!) Jill at Confessions of an Enginerd to answer eight questions of her choice.

1. do you have any nicknames? inappropriate = acceptable.
Oh, I have lots of nicknames. Cole, Coley, Bean, Nic, Nikki, Neen, Nitz, and last (and certainly longest) - the walking post-it note.

2. what's the last book you read? (and would you recommend it?)
One of the last books I read was Hope In A Jar.  Great book.  Super cute, and easy read and it brings back some high school memories!

3. martini. shaken or stirred?
If I have to have a martini, I want it shaken.  However, my alcoholic beverages of choice are white sangria and margaritas.  YUMMY!!  It's like summer in a cup!

4. if you could go on vacation anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
My answer may change tomorrow...but today, I want to go to San Diego. So many awesome fabulous childhood memories!  Plus it's always sunny and 70 degrees!

5. what is your biggest pet peeve?
Oh, that's an easy one.  People who create DRAMA.  I'm very passive and I hate nothing more than someone who created problems where none actually exist.  If you need to be the center of attention THAT badly - go become an actor.

6. what is your favorite disney animated movie? (i.e. little mermaid, cinderella, etc.)
Snow White!!  She's so sweet.  I wish I had a better explanation...

7. what is your favorite little debbie?
Um, I'm not really a fan of little debbie.  Please don't disown me!

8. who is your hero?
Without a doubt, my mom!  She taught elementary school for 34 years; such a noble profession.  Then she is diagnosed with breast cancer only a few months after retiring (and a week after returning from her Hawaiin vacation).  Mom fought through a lumpectomy, three revisions, a mastectomy, five months of chemo and a pulmonary embolism (or three).  She's now going through HER2 treatments every few weeks and has just started a long term substitute teaching position.  If that's not a hero, what is?!?!
And, guess what?!?!  The amazarific Tiffany at Memoriors of A Munchkin Mommy tagged me too!

1. What is your favorite book? Pick a good one because I'll be adding them to my To Read list!

Oh, I don't have one favorite.  I'm really into Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and Second Time Around by Beth Kendrick.  Oh...and the Bride Quartet  (though the fourth one isn't out yet) by Nora Roberts.

2. What is your favorite alcoholic beverage? Non-alcoholic?
As mentioned above, my favorite alcoholic beverages are margaritas and white sangria.  Though a Riesling is super yummy too.  My favorite non-alcoholic beverage is water.  I boring.  But it's true!

3. What is your favorite childhood memory?
This is such a cop-out, but I'm skipping this because I know someone else asked it on my "You ask, I'll answer" post.

4. If you could have dinner with any three people, dead or alive, who would they be and why?
Hmm.... My grandma (dad's mom), Einstein and Cesar Milan.  I know it seems really random, but in my mind, they all connect.  My grandma had this fantastic sense of humor, and I heard that Einstein did too.  Then Einstein was this brilliant mind - and Cesar Milan has been able to get into the minds and instincts of dogs.  Plus each of these people had a great love of animals - something I identify with quite a bit!

5. If you aren't married, what is your dream wedding? If you are married, was your wedding your dream wedding? And if not, tell us why and describe your dream wedding?
Don't revoke my "girl" card, but my dream wedding is extremely small.  I really respect other people's wish to be a princess for a day and have 200-300 people take part...but that's just not me.  I don't like being the center of attention.  I want to get married on the beach, in a pretty - but simple wedding gown, barefoot and surrounded by the people that mean the most to me.  I want to let my bridesmaids (likely 2-4 people) pick out the dresses that they LIKE, not what I dictate to them.... I will NOT be throwing my bouquet. 

6. What are your favorite names for a boy and a girl?
My favorite boy names are Jackson & Sawyer and my favorite girl names are Brenna & Harper.

7. What type of animals do have, if you have any? (Be species and breed specific please!) What are their names?
I have two miniature dachshunds.  Meadow is short haired and Beckett is long haired.
8. If you could pick any one store to serve as your own personal closet, what store would it be? What is your ideal outfit from this store?
Oh...that's hard.  I still haven't found a store that I like to wear ONLY their clothes.  But, I can usually find what I need at Macy's.  I'd love to find a store that caters to me love of cardigans, cute tops, well cut slacks, the perfect pair of jeans and shoes galore!
The eight people I'm tagging are:
Jane - My favorite med student and "OMG, you won't believe this" email buddy. (Jill tagged you, and I'm hoping that if I tag you'll give in and do it!)
Kirstren- My fave cousin, and well, cuz I'm not opposed to nepotism from time to time.
Julie - Who has two of the cutest little girls I've ever seen and I owe lots of follow-up emails to!
Janet - A woman who I'm sure is going to find the job of her dreams soon.  :-)
Casey - Who travels like nobody's business and is now discovering all the joys of living in Turkey.
Sara - Has a new culinary blog coming soon!
Sara - My book blog partner in crime. :-)
Hailey - Well, Hailey can have her typist (aka mom) answer for her!
And my eight questions are:
1. Team Edward or Team Jacob?
2. Who's your hero?  I hope you don't mind me keeping your question, Jill!
3. If you could be an animal, what would it be?
4. What TV show's season premier are you most looking forward to?
5. What's your favorite book of all time?
6. If you  had to give up a sense (sight, hearing, taste, etc), what would it be?
7. What's your favorite holiday?
8. What's your dream job?
And...just a reminder that if you have a question you want me to answer, click here and submit it!  Great questions so far and I can't wait to answer them for you!


  1. Loved your answers. I have read Hope In a Jar too and liked it because of how it brought memories.

    I would also choose a very simple wedding with only close family and friends. The beach would also be a favorite pick of mine.

    Your mom is now my new hero too.

  2. It's so nice to get a little insight into my blog friends with these tags. Your answers were great. Oh and my fave drink is margaritas too. :)

  3. Ok I will actually do this one, I know I said I would do the last one but that takes time and thought and I don't have a lot of time lately with getting the new house decorated. How about this yes, I will do this IF you respond to some of my emails! :)

  4. Hahahahahah! :) I will answer your questions. Of course. Have you seen the Outsiders the movie? It seems like you have. The Admiral Twin, the drive-in theater in the movie, burned down today. Lots of fun memories there. Boo hiss!

  5. couple of very key things:

    1. bean is one of my nicknames too. short for jillybean, but what are the odds of THAT being our common nickname?
    2. same biggest pet peeve too!
    3. i won't disown you for the little debbie thing because you laughed at my interrupting cow jo- MOOOOOO!!

  6. Thanks! I hope you're right about me finding my dream job soon!

  7. Oooo fun! I will have to do this today or tomorrow!

    PS- I had a small wedding (Jamaica) and loved it. I have never regretted doing it that way at all. 2 bridesmaids and 30 guests. We had a reception back home that was bigger, but it could be laid back!


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