September 17, 2010

Let The Painting BEGIN!

You all knew that as soon as I closed on the house, painting would commence, right?!?! 

I hate to say this - but the people I bought the house from were colorblind.  Fine.
They weren't...but it makes me feel better thinking that they didn't make this mess on purpose.

The first room to be painted will be the living room.

I've decided on these colors:

Ocean View

Magnolia Blossom (trim)

What do you think?

Pictures will be coming soon (as soon as I hijack a camera from one of the many people I love and adore...and look away long enough!).


  1. Love it! I love white trim myself. I've never been a wood trim kinda gal. Can't wait to see the before and after pics!

  2. I like Magnolia Blossom! It's really pretty.

  3. Those are great colors. Please stop by my blog today. I have a great post that I know you would love to join in on. It is for a great cause and that is dogs. Please stop by. Thanks.


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