September 10, 2010

You Asked; I Answered - Part II

Thanks again, ladies for your questions.  :-)  It's nice to know that at least a few of you have an interest in who I am!  You can find answers to the first questions I answered here.  After this I think I have 2 or three questions left to answer.

This post is dedicated to the other members of my Royal Court - Queen Heather and Princess Kirstren.

Kirstren asks:
What is your favorite memory from childhood?

Well, she of all people know that I can't have just one favorite!! 
1. My fantastical parents put me on a plane from Boston to San Diego by myself when I was almost five.  I love, love, love traveling - and this experience is probably one of the reasons why.  I know it sounds nuts to put a child on a plane by herself to go cross-country in this day-and-age to visit her dad's parents.  But, I need to point out that it was the 80's.  Life was easier; safer.  I felt so grown up!  I sat with a few other kids that were flying without adult companions, made friends with the flight attendants and had a blast as we flew through the clouds.

2. Oh, without a doubt, one of my favorite memories is the actual time I spent in San Diego with my grandparents following the above trip!!  San Diego is gorgeous!  Even as a little girl I could appreciate it!  I got up every morning and jumped on my Grandma's trampoline as she made breakfast.  I got to go to Sea World with Gram's best friend's daughter - Kay; played at the beach; made a few trips on base (Grandpa was retired military) with Grandpa; went shopping and they put me on a plane to visit a few of my cousins, Aunt & Uncle in TX!  What an awesome surprise!  There are so many happy memories in San Diego that I could write a novel.

3. Kirstren and I got to do some cool stuff as kids (along with another cousin, LB) - and White House Easter Egg Rolls were among them.  Our uncle (LB's dad) was in the Secret Service and one of our favorite perks as kids was the automatic invite to the White House every Easter.  What an experience!!  Seeing parts of the White House most people don't get to; the actual Easter egg roll; the celebrities!  The best part for me was the hunt for the wooden eggs that were painted in pastel colors and signed by celebrities.  They are real keepsakes of our childhood.

4. My mom's parents owned a cottage in NH when we were little.  Being a kid and just being able to run through the woods, hang out at the beach and have family game/movie nights was so cool.  Sure, if we got to be grumpy little ones, our Grandpa would threaten to send us (all the cousins, including Kirstren & I) to "Whiner's Island"...but it was worth it!  One of these days, I'll get back up there and see what happened in that sleepy little town and to our cottage.

Heather gave me a complete scenario.  Yep, she's pretty detail-oriented!

Ok, here's the scenario. You and your royal court are off on a trip to Europe. All expenses are paid. (and i mean ALL) The trip duration is one month. You are free to visit any place, any where. Your royal court is more than happy to accompany you wherever you choose-no going passive aggressive on me here!!!

So, here's are the questions. What to you do? What will you see? Any special foods you have to try? Anything special you have to do?

Oh, lordy...
I want a week in England, Scotland and Wales.
While we are there, we are going to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo (It's one of the few times I like bagpipe music!), having kilts made (embrace your "geek" girls!), doing tea and some shopping at Harrod's, taking a spin around the London Eye, doing some hardcore castle exploring, going to "land's end" in Cornwall and wandering through some Welsh countryside.  We will bar-hop, go to a "football" game, and try to find me a Prince Charming (WHAT?!?!  I like English accents!)

Then a week in Italy.
We'll visit the Vatican (even though I'm not Catholic, I'd still like to see Vatican City), the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum and Duomo.  We'll gorge ourselves on great pasta and have custom-made shoes made in Milan.  There will be gondola rides and wandering over little bridges in Venice.

Gelato and good wine will be consumed like it's going out of style!  And we'll go swimming off the island of Capri.

Then a few days in Egypt.
We'll take a boat trip down the Nile, and visit the Pyramids.

That will be followed with a few days in Iceland.
Time to wander through the black lava fields, go horseback riding and float in the hot springs.

Then we go domestic...and get others to join us.
We'll do a cruise in Alaska!
Then on to the Florida Keys.
And we end with a  week at Disney.  It really is one of the happiest places on earth.

As you can see, I didn't follow her direction to stay in Europe.  I don't think she'll hold it against me though!


  1. Talk about an exciting childhood. Mine pales in comparison.

  2. I don't think I could spend just one week in England, Scotland & Wales! I was there for a month and didn't see everything I wanted to! Granted, I only had the weekends to sightsee! I would love to go back, I'm just not sure I could make that trip again!

  3. ohhh you are big stuff with that cross-country flight! ;-) my sister and i always had to fly from iowa to texas with flight attendant escorts. lame sandwich.

    also am i too late to ask questions!? i remembered seeing the blog but completely forgot! if you're still taking questions then...

    1. did you ever play any sports growing up? what about now?

    2. if you were moving across the world and could only take 3 things with you, what would they be? and no, you can't mail the rest of your belongings at a later date. :-)

    3. what are your ultimate career goals?

    4. where do you see yourself in 5 years? what about 10?

    ok, thanks friend!

  4. I flew by myself at 10 I think. I can't imagine having a child do that today, but as you said, times were very different then!

  5. What great memories!
    And can I come with you to the Tattoo?

  6. Perfect. Although maybe we should extend the time in the UK? I'm down for that trip. Lets get on winning the lottery!!!


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