May 01, 2013

May Blogging Challenge

I've mentioned this before, and I know I'm not alone - once you get out of the habit of blogging, finding your rhythm again is HARD! 

But I'm committed to blogging.  After all, some of my very best friends live in the computer.  :-)

When I saw April's blogging challenge for the month of May - I knew I had to jump in and play along.  I hope to get my bloggy mojo back, and make a few new friends along the way!



  1. There's a post every day in May challenge floating around as well! :)

  2. I'm here via the Blog Challenge just to say hello! Here's hoping we all find a little blog post inspiration this month!


  3. I'm here via the Blog Challenge hop too :)
    Good luck for the month ahead :)
    Much love


  4. Is it too late for me to hop on the bandwagon as well? I feel like I need to!


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