May 08, 2013

People Watchng...

I love people watching.  Just observing how people interact with each other, and what they'll do when they think others aren't watching is just fascinating to me.  Please tell me I'm not the only one!

On my way home from work, I pulled up at a red light.  In the lane next to me was a little SmartCar.  It just struck me funny.  I drive a HUGE SUV, and next to me is a car that looks snacksized.  Once I stopped laughing - I really took a look at the SmartCar.  Not only is it tiny...but the owner decked it out in tinted window, lightening bolts and was blaring OPERA!  Sorry, buddy.  Your attempt at being cool kinda failed.

About a week ago, experienced a guy in a store that had a pacifier in his mouth...but no baby.  I happened to share this quirky little happening with a friend of mine that's a nurse.  She told me that adult pacifiers are an actual thing! Of course, I had to check it out....and she's right! Who knew?!?!  If you don't believe me, click HERE! (don't worry - I'm only sending you over to Amazon for the product details on an adult pacifier)

Have you seen anything interesting lately?



  1. Adult paci's?! It's not normal!!

  2. Oh my. I'm so confused and intrigued. This is crazy!

  3. Uh, what?? Excuse me?? Adult pacifiers? WTF?

  4. That adult pacifier thing is too weird! I think the dude in the little car is kind of awesome though. :-) But then I drive a Bug.

  5. Snack size! lol So funny. And hell to the no on an adult pacifier. Wow. That's just too weird for me.


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