May 29, 2013

The Chronicles of a Klutz...

After telling you from time to time how much of a klutz I am, I've decided to start a recurring series.  First, it makes me feel better if I think someone is laughing *with* me and my stupidity antics.  Second, I think some of you can actually relate to this!

Just call me Princess Grace!  I preface my next statement by saying that I was neither drinking nor wearing footwear (such as heels or flip-flops) that can cause your regular stride to change.

I fell up my friend's deck stairs on Memorial Day. You know that feeling when you know you're going to go down and can try and brace yourself?  Yeah....that didn't happen this time.  One second I'm upright; the next, I'm inspecting the wood my friends gasp in unison.

 On the bright side - I didn't break any bones!

I now sport some pretty spectacular bruises.  A HUGE one from my left knee down to mid-shin, linear ones on my right and left thighs (where I hit the top two steps) and a big circle on my inner arm that I just. can't. explain. I don't see skirts in my future for a while!

I also pulled some muscles starting at my hip all the way down to my ankle and have bone bruises.  What?!?!  It takes talent to do that much damage!

I take solace in knowing that none of my friends got that on video.  Anyone else as clumsy as I am?



  1. i am so clumsy! and i have unfortunately passed it on to my husband calls him a mini-Miranda. we are constantly running into things and falling.

  2. OWWWWW! That sounds awful! I remember falling downstairs at a college dance one time (mortifying!) but most of my klutz moments are verbal (just randomly, clumsily spewing out words!) instead of physical. Hope you are all better now! :) - Natalie

  3. OWWW! I am more word-clumsy than physically clumsy (just spewing out random comments before I think about them). Hope you are all better now!


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