October 03, 2015

What A Nose...

For the purpose of this post...I'm going to let little miss Paisley tell you about the past few days. Her perspective on this story is much better than mine!


Hi everyone.  Iz Paisley.  Momma says I have to tell you a story...but I don't see da big deal.  She's just a nervous Nelly or something! (For the record, I'm not!)

OK, so I, da Paisley princess like to have an early morning potty run.  Usually between 3 and 4 am is best.  It's dark, I don't have to bark at squirrels and momma usually bribes me to hurry and and go back in the house.  Tuesday morning, I decided to get up for my crack o'dawn potty and stopped for a little sniff of something that smelled good.

Then I started coughing and reverse sneezing.  Just for a few minutes.  Then about an hour later for 5 minutes.  Then I ate breakfast like a champ...or um, daintily, like a good girl. A few more coughs and sneezes and I was fine again.

So momma went to work and glammy (or grammy) kept an eagle eye on me.  About 1 o'clock I kept coughing and glammy got worried and called the momma to make a vet appointment.  She told glammy to take videos of me.  Like I'm some sort of drama queen who won't cough or sneeze when we get to the vet!  The nerve!

Wouldn't you know it...we get to the vet's office and suddenly, I feel magically better!  But that bitch...I mean, my loving momma says we have to stay and get checked out. Da vet says he thinks I sniffed extra hard and have something in my nose.  But then he says to take pills and see if it comes out on it's own!  I mean, I guess that's better than sticking a camera up my nose, right?!

Thursday I had a huge sneezing fit right after momma came home from work and when I looked at her, momma said she saw something green on my nose!  So she pulled it.  Her is soooo brave.  Out came a 6 inch blade of grass!  Now I feel better and can say that I have a super sniffer!

But, um, don't touch my nose for a few days, OK?!



  1. Oh dear! The things our pups can get into!

  2. OMD...Paisley, you are a champ for sure!! I, Dory, would have been strong too (I am also a Princess) but my brothers would have bee whiners for sure!!!
    Glad to hear you sneezed out that silly blade of grass!

  3. That happened to Lola once. She completely flipped out and was pawing at her face and just losing her mind. I thought she was having a seizure at first! Then I finally saw a tiny bit of the blade of grass sticking out of her nose!

  4. Hahaha! Oh, poor Paisley! How funny! So glad she's feeling better now!


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