October 08, 2015

Dear (Fill in the Blank)...

Sorry, today is going to be a bit random.  Sometimes, we all have to just let out a little steam. ;-)

Dear Costume Companies,
I get that you all want to sell the newest and best costumes; you want to have something that is "you" and cutting edge.  But for the love of God - please stop freaking sexualizing every costume.    In my opinion, you'll sell just as much, if not more with a GOOD costume.  And maybe you'll be part of teaching teenage girls that Halloween doesn't HAVE to be sexy!  Sure, some adult women may want to wear a sexy maid or sexy nurse costume and I don't begrudge them that.

But these are real offering this year.  And I beg you to STOP!  A minion should never be sexy...

With thanks,
Someone who thinks costumes shouldn't mean catching pneumonia


Dear FitBit,
I think you're great! Even if you are pointing out how many steps I'm not taking and how much I'm not sleeping!  But I've got a tiny complaint.  I've linked you with Facebook.  I know I have friends who use FitBit too!  Why are you not finding them?!  Some of your challenges look pretty interesting...but who wants to compete with themselves?

If any of you use FitBit let me know!  I have mine set to a different email address than I blog with.

A girl who really wants to "out walk" someone


Dear Politicians,
We are a YEAR away from electing one of you clowns our next President.  Sadly, I'm already referring to you all as clowns....  If one of you all could get your act together so I feel confident you won't f-up the country, that would be super cool.

In the meantime, I'm already getting PAC robocalls which are annoying me to no end.  Stop it!!

Thanks a bunch,
The lady who really wishes we could elect Josiah Bartlet as our next President (I'll be over here watching West Wing again)


Dear Co-worker,
We work in a small office and it's pretty clear that we all have quirks.  If you could PLEASE stop encouraging certain people's more interesting quirks, as well as stop forcefully shutting your door like a petulant child when people don't have time to talk to you...well, that would be great.

Mucho gusto,
A lady who just wants a few less "what the hell" moments in her day


Dear Marketing Teams,
I'm happy fall is here.  I am!  The cooling weather, leaves changing color, apple picking, Halloween, return of my favorite TV shows...the list could go on and on!  Now, I get that you all think that pumpkin makes a fun fall flavor.  But if you could all STOP making everything pumpkin flavored, I would really appreciate it!  It's not a competition, really!

Can I suggest alternative flavors?  Maybe apple, caramel or just refocusing your existing products with fall packaging?!

With autumnal appreciation,
Someone who very much dislikes pumpkin flavored products


Have anything you want to get off your chest?!



  1. Bahahaha! That spice girls pic is amazing. I'm on FitBit! Find me (sholtsman@gmail.com) and join our challenges!

  2. Also, I just started watching the West Wing for the first time and I'm OBSESSED. So good.

  3. That Spice Girls pic is hilarious!

    I'm not on FitBit...yes...

    And I'm so sick of this election already. Ugh.

  4. Love this post!! So much to rant about, so little time!
    I am on Fit Bit...as are a few other blog buds...email me the address you're using if you'd like and I'll ad you!

  5. I especially love the commentary on Halloween costumes. Halloween is supposed to be about good hearted fun centered mostly around children, not trying to imitate your beachwear in October!

  6. Funny! You're right about the costumes! Tone it down please! LOL

  7. Yes to all of this! I hate pumpkin flavored and scented everything and I'd totally elect Jed Bartlet! Speaking of which, I need to re-watch that show from the beginning. It's been too long! I have a fitbit! Let's be friends! cdmapes @ hotmail


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