October 01, 2015

Sponsored Post: Glamulet & Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As so many of us know - October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  This cause is near and dear to my heart, and am so proud my mom has beat it!  I'll share more thoughts on mom and her status later in the month.

A lot of people find the easiest way to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month is by wearing something pink.  I totally understand that!  Pink looks good on most people and so many awesome organizations donate a portion of their proceeds back to a research fund.  I have such admiration for that!

Glamulet is a company founded in 2014 to allow women to create a mix and match piece of jewelry at a good price point that expresses who they are, celebrate a milestone or just match their favorite ensemble.  I can stand behind that.  :-) It doesn't hurt that their jewelry is really pretty!

This year, Glamulet has a campaign for awareness and has released a limited edition set of charms for Pink October.  Every set of these charms has a 50% donation to charity associated.  I love that!  Breast cancer is the 2nd deadliest disease for women around the world, and I would love to see everyone get a second chance at life with their mom, aunt, grandma, sister, or best friend like I did!

The lovely folks at Glamulet believe that if we act now, we can stop women from dying of breast cancer by 2050.  How awesome would that be?!  If you'll be wearing pink this month in support of this noble cause - I encourage you to head over to Glamulet and look at the pieces you can put together! Don't feel creative?  They offer full bracelets with charms that they think look good together!

Disclosure: I will receive a pink ribbon charm and sterling silver necklace for my participation in sharing this campaign.  I only select products and campaigns I believe in, and all thoughts are my own. 


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