December 07, 2015

Barnes & Noble Residency...

I mentioned it in my last post.  At the moment, it feels like I live at Barnes & Noble!  I jokingly call it my "B&N Residency Program".

Nationwide, Barnes & Noble has a number of charity initiatives and one of them is their gift-wrapping program.  Every year, the store manager or community manager at each location work with local charities in order to bring in volunteers for gift-wrapping.  This allows each charity some "face time" with a fairly captive (and usually generous) audience.

Sure, it means that you have to be dedicated to showing up for your assigned shifts and it would be best if you at least quasi enjoy gift-wrapping! B&N is kind enough to provide the signage, overhead announcements, and wrapping paper.  That means each charity is giving of their time and perhaps a little marketing material to pass off to the folks visiting your table. While their primary focus is literacy (for obvious reasons), the staff has a wonderful appreciation for animal related charities.

This year, the community manager at "my" store in Hingham, MA was...well, generous, with the dates he gave me.  Between Thanksgiving weekend and Christmas week, I'll be at B&N a dozen times - three of those shifts being open to close!  I'm so appreciative of B&N, as well as the generosity of the shoppers who make donations (trust me...not everyone does, even after I've wrapped quite a few oddly shaped gifts for them); it helps bring in more awareness of Little Paws Dachshund Rescue!

I also have to say that I love the baristas at my store.  They keep me caffeinated!  If you happen to live near me - or know someone who does - I could use a wrapping buddy!

P.S. The book you can see on a few of my Instagram pictures (Some Luck by Jane Smiley) is wonderful.  I'll be reviewing it soon!



  1. I have participated in gift wrapping a few times. It's always a fun and festive event and the tips are great!

  2. How nice!

    I am awful at gift wrapping--so I go to people like you to help :)

  3. That is so awesome! I'm truly terrible at wrapping. :p

  4. This is so awesome!! You rock!! Wish I lived close by so I could join you one night. Way to give back, girl!

  5. I love that you're doing this! I should take my gifts to B&N so I can donate and because I'm a terrible gift wrapper. ;)


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