December 30, 2015

Sunsets for Amanda

Have you ever seen a story unfold and it just feels surreal? That's how I feel about Amanda. She isn't one of my best friends, but I've known her for four years.  There have been laughs over birthday parties, shopping, mexican food and wine expos; comments on Facebook statuses and pictures.  She was, I believe, the soul sister to someone I hold near and dear.

Amanda was a nurse. A mom. A daughter. A sister. A friend to many. A lover of sunrises, Disney and running.  Amanda was chosen to represent her prominent Boston hospital in April's Boston Marathon.

By now, you've noticed that I'm speaking of Amanda in the past tense.

Two days before Christmas, Amanda was out for a run and was hit by a car. Despite the news stories online with fuzzy details - I won't speculate as what precipitated someone hitting Amanda and then striking a telephone pole so hard that it broke.

It goes without saying that she fought to stay...she would never choose to leave her little boy. But her injuries were just too much to overcome.

Five days after getting hit, Amanda passed away.  But not before making one last gift to humanity; she was an organ donor. While I will miss hearing of her adventures; seeing her beautiful sunrise pictures from the vantage point of her hospital; seeing her name pass across my Facebook or Instagram feed, I know that she will live on through those organ donations.

One of Amanda's very best friends captioned this image. Amanda would understand the sad joy so many of us feel in her being the Oprah of organ donation.

The sun has set on the life of a woman who loved sunrises so very much.  Hug your friends and family.  Tell them exactly how much they mean to you.  And maybe, watch a few sunrises and think of Amanda.


P.S. I've had a few people you can donate to Amanda's Boston Marathon fundraiser HERE or the GoFundMe account for her son and assorted needs HERE.


  1. Oh my gosh, I am so sorry. Amanda sounds like she lived life to the fullest. May her final gift help another family to have hope and a second chance.

  2. Oh honey, I am so so so so incredibly sorry. This is horrific and terrifying and so sad. My heart is broken for her family and friends and all those who knew her. Not fair. :( Ugh. Sending so many prayers and thoughts your way.


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