December 04, 2015

They're Like Herding Cats...

Christmas is the happiest time of year.  Right?!  Sometimes I need a little reminder.

I should have taken Christmas card pictures of my darling herd 'o dachshunds over Thanksgiving weekend.  But I was lax, and starting my Barnes & Noble "residency program" (more info on that soon), and well...distracted.

So Tuesday night I tried to get the pups to all look in the same direction at the same time.  Which, no matter how sweet they are - is like herding cats. Brady wanted to play chase, Beckett wanted belly rubs, Paisley refused to look at the camera and Meadow kept turning and facing in the wrong direction.

I know, you're probably asking why I had to get my Christmas cards done Tuesday night.  Well, this crazy lady doesn't use those pretty plug and play Shutterfly/Tiny Prints/Minted templates.  She designs her own cards...and the Vistaprint 60% off sale ended at midnight. Motivation, thine name is SALE!

I won't show you all my Christmas card yet.  Instead, here are a few outtakes.  Sorry if you already saw them on Instagram!

Want to be on my Christmas card list? Fill out this handy form.  :-)



  1. Oh yes...all our pictures were outtakes and as a result, our card is an outtake LOL.

  2. LOL! That's why I take individual pics. Nola's always good to go for any picture, but I'm lucky to get one usable one of the other dogs.

  3. So funny! And I thought kids were difficult!


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