July 23, 2010


JC and the boys came across an unfortunately scene yesterday.  Momma deer had been hit by a car and killed... How sad!  They soon realized that hiding nearby was Bambi.

Here she is.  Isn't she cute?!?!

Bambi has been turned over to the local SPCA to be taken care of.  The boys got to play with a baby deer and do their good deed for the day.  :-)

Good work, boys!


  1. Awww that is the cutest little baby I've EVER seen! PS-I remember back when, we were stationed at the same post as your bro...I'm kind of assuming that he is still here since the deer rule the post here :) I love to watch them, though. Just always scared that one will quickly dart out right in front of my car for no good reason. HAHA!

  2. oh my gosh - poor little bambi!! I am so glad they rescued her/him/it! :)

  3. Glad they found her and she is now in a safe place!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. um, AWWWW! (so sad about mama though!)

  5. Glad they found her...You have a great blog...Have a few hours to blog hop....Love nights like this.......Hope you will stop by....new giveaway on my holiday blog...A BOOK EXTRAVAGANZA!


  6. That is such a happy story.. Yeah to the boys..

  7. awww. I'm so glad to hear they rescued her.

  8. Aw, she is adorable. That is so sad. I always think about that when I see a dead deer, I hope that they don't have a baby near by somewhere. :(

    Kudos to you guys for your deed well done.

    ~Meg @ "Through the Roses"


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