July 04, 2010

The Doggie Name Game

Frankie decided that there should be a name game for the 4th - and my pups agree.

Carmella Bay- My name is Hebrew for garden or orchard.  I was almost Freckles...but my Grammy's dog started with that name. Sure, his name ended up as Lucky, but I wanted a name that was all me. :-) And, um, the Soprano's was popular when I was a pup.

Meadow Breeze - My name is English for um...well, you know.  When my mom found me she knew right away that I was either a Meadow or a Willow.  The ladies at the Delta ticket counter made her name me before I could get on the plane.  So, Meadow it was.  And I like it!

Beckett Scout - My name is English, but there's a debate over what it means.  It's either "dweller near the brook" or "beehive/bee cottage".  I prefer the whole "live near the water" thingy.  Cuz I'm allergic to bees and the irony isn't lost on me.  The lovely ladies at Delta pressured mom again to name me before I flew home.  For a few days - my name was MacAllister. I'm so much happier as Beckett.

And now that we've pointed out what a hippie goof-ball our mom is...pups and kitties, how did you get your name?


  1. My husband named Timmy on his own with some friends..

    When we got Belle. I wanted to name her Tinker Belle because we bought her for our little one. My husband said he liked just Belle so that is how we got our names.. Yeah.. Fun game..

    Happy Fourth..

  2. My first dog was Sprite- we had her same litter sister who we named Cola for a lack of agreement, so when we got her from an abusive home we went w the soda theme - turned out Cola was silver and Sprite was black, My next 2 dogs were names I liked for children Chelsea and Emily. Our next dog that we will be getting this Fall will be named Isabella - Portuguese Queen unless she tells us differently

  3. Such cute names! I'm so much like you in wanting the puppies to have names that "fit". My Sam is Samuel Adams Jones. (No that's not my last name but it sounded like it belonged.) My Selah is Selah Joy Jean. (I have no idea again but it sounded right. Humble is Humble Charlie Jones. I make up songs around their names too. Those names seem to fit.

  4. What very cool name stories!!! We are really enjoying the name game!!

  5. Thanks for sharing your name's stories!
    Happy Independence Day!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. Hey Cole! Thanks for letting the pups play along. It is funny that they were making you give your pups names before you could take them on the plane. I love seeing all 3 of them too!

  7. Well hello there fuzzbutts! My name is Strudel and as far as I know I'm just named for a very delicious Bavarian pastry. I sure do wish I could eat one...

    Strudel :o ) Woof woof.

  8. Love the dog pics! :-) My dog is named Bridger after the bridge at Harper's Ferry, WV. No kidding. I love HP at the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers. I suppose I could have named him after one of the rivers, but then I would have to choose between them. So it was name him Bridger after the bridge or Trainer after the train that goes across that bridge.

    P.S. I probably shouldn't have divulged this information. ;-)

  9. Awww, I love it!! I should do something similar with my pups. :)


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