July 20, 2010

Scenes From A Commute

I spend A LOT of time in my car commuting back and forth to work.  Luckily, I really like my car - and have fun driving.  :-)

I have seen some WEIRD stuff lately though!  In the few weeks I have been witness to the following:

  • A week and a half ago - A driver with his left leg hanging out the window.  Yes, sir - I understand that your tall.  However, that's one party trick I don't need to see again!  I was afraid you were going to lose your leg when another car passed you.  (He wasn't really in danger of losing his leg...I just get nervous about that kind of stuff!)
  • Last Saturday - A black lab in the back of a pick-up truck.  Not tethered, not leashed, not buckled in - STANDING UP as his/her owner went barrelling down the highway.  Maybe I'm a bitch - but I view this as animal cruelty.  No one EVER intends for their beloved pet to get injured - but putting that pet in a position that increases the odds is COMPLETELY unacceptable to me.  Plus...I kinda think it's illegal in Massachusetts.  I'll have to research that.
  • Yesterday - Someone eating soup while driving home.  Not horrible...just weird!  And how do you not wear half your soup?  Do you steer with your knees so you can keep the bowl in one hand and the spoon in the other?
  • Last Tuesday - A car coming from the opposite direction weaving in and out of traffic by the mall.  This driver was weaving and speeding so much that he/she lost control of the car and flipped over.  There is nothing at the mall that's worth almost killing yourself!
  • Today - Three motorcycles popping wheelies in the middle of rush hour traffic.  Dumb asses happened to do this for the third or fourth time after a large bend in the road - and right into the sight line of a state cop.  I laughed for a good five minutes as they got pulled over. (Yes, I'm mean!)
  • And the piece de resistance - last Thursday. Whilst sitting in traffic as I headed towards the Cape, I had the distinct pleasure *gag* of seeing a couple being intimate.  Sure, kiss and hug in the car.  That's your run of the mill PDA.  However, when my SUV looks down into your little red sports car and sees a bobbing head, you've crossed the line of acceptable behavior.  Um, hi!  It's light out!  You're engaging in a sexual activity in PUBLIC!  My lane of traffic moved faster than yours... at least 4 more cars had to pass you!  And finally - EWWWW!  Bring that car for a wash (inside and out) now-ish please!
So...see anything weird while driving lately?


  1. How fabulous is this post!

    In the county just south of mine it is illegal to have your dog in the bed of your truck if they aren't in a crate and I love this law! I wish it would move north a county and start cracking down up here!

    Stupid people on motorcycles. My sister's friend was killed on one the day after Christmas because he was driving like a dummy. He wore all the appropriate gear, helmet, spine protector, pads, etc, but it isn't going to help when you take a sharp turn at 90 mph. Just not smart.

    Lastly, to the man getting head while driving...I don't think that is safe. Nope, probably not.

    ~Meg @ "Through the Roses"

  2. Awful, Awful! I see crazy people EVERYDAY! Some are worse than others! I think you should have told Sports Car guy to "Get a Room!" Ewww...

  3. What are people thinking? Geez... The other week I looked over at the car next to me and the lady is painting her nails! I figured I must have been imagining things so I looked again. Nope, she was holding polish in her right hand while painting her left hand. Seriously? Thank you for putting everyone's life in danger because you need to paint your nails. And I'm pretty sure they turned out looking like crap!

  4. the last one...omg...nasty!

    and the dog in the back of the truck is very common in hillbillyland (aka the Midwest). I don't like it either, but if I say that around anyone in hillbillyland I get scoffed at like I'm an idiot.

  5. We had a girls' weekend a few weeks ago, and on our way home from the bar (in a taxi) we saw people having sex in the back of a moving car. There was absolutely NO hiding what they were doing...we saw a naked butt and everything. our taxi driver pulled up next to them and started honking! I was just amazed that someone agreed to drive while people were having sex in the back of their car! Talk about NASTY.

  6. Ahhhh, you've seen some crazy stuff! I always think when I see two people arguing in the car that its weird, I can only imagine if I saw what you saw last Thursday!

  7. Oh my! How crazy!

    I thought a geeky guy in a suit and tie rocking out in his subaru wagon was crazy, but that has nothing on your stories!

  8. BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! Especially the gag comment about the BJ ... am I a 14 year old boy in a 29 year old girl's body? Why yes, yes I am. Forgive me ... I am going to be obnoxious for a bit! HAHAHAHA! Uh oh ... big uh oh ...

  9. I commute about 50 miles one way each day too and blog about some of the things I see so I'm glad that I'm not the only one. I also lived just off the Cape for about a year so I know the traffic you had to be driving in. I hated going towards the Cape on a weekend in the summer! Great blog.

  10. I know it's going to sound awful, but I love seeing people get pulled over after I've seen them do something dumb. I can't believe the soup person!

  11. I looooove this post! I'm the same way, I love watching people get pulled over after doing something stupid. A few weeks ago, I called the police for someone driving down the highway with a dog STANDING on top of their toolbox in the back of the pick-up. Going like 55-60. Apparently that's NOT illegal in Ohio, unless the dog falls off. I was like "wow then the dog's dead, that's nice". I called the driver an asshole though! =]

  12. I love your Blog and do not comment very often. I do have a question. Tomorrow "The Cutest Blog on The Block" will shut down. I love your background and so many others but do not know where to find them. Can you please let me know at the top of my Blog "www.george-cat.blogspot.com" or if I left my e-mail address originally, please send me an e-mail. Thank you so much. At least I know what I may be doing as I am in the hospital next week here in CA for some testing.

  13. Hi Cole! Hubby and I were on the way home from work earlier this week and the sky had gotten really dark. We were on the sidestreets and passes a guy in a jeep with the top and sides off. I said it was dumb of him to not stop and put up his sides/top, then it started sprinkling and I giggled. I was saying I wished it would start raining really hard since he was too dumb to put his top up. Well, I got my wish ;o)
    People are just dufi (plural of dufus?)
    Twix Mom

  14. Dogs in the back of pickups are pretty common around here too, but I agree with you. It's dangerous for the pups.

    And the soup thing is weird!

  15. Just popped over from Kathie's...It is fun to meet other bloggers! Whew! You surely did see some interesting things during that time on the road! I tell Kathie all the time...that I am in awe of her creative blog ideas...like her Now featuring... posts. So nice to meet ya!

    Blessings & Aloha!


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