August 19, 2010

Award Time!

The fabulous Kathie has tagged me with two awards.  I'm so lucky that she so sweet, even though I missed her birthday earlier this week!  Stop on by and wish her a happy belated birthday.  :-)

To accept the "Scoop of Daily Chaos" award I need to tag some eight awesome bloggers and answer the following questions.

What is your signature color?
Hmm... My favorite colors are pink and green, but the the largest percentage of my clothes are black. I dislike oranges and purples.

What is your most embarrasing moment?
Oh, I do embarrasing things like walk into walls however, my single most embarrasing moment was caught on film.  The summer I turned 16 - I did a two and a half week tour of England, Scotland and Wales with my grandma, mom, brother and one of my cousins.  During this tour, we went to the Scottish Tattoo - and absolutely AMAZING festival of music and dancing and some historical stuff. know what lines are like at the bathrooms of events.  I HAD to pee and used the men's room (in my defense - I was FAR from the only lady doing that) - and my lovely mom decided that she should capture the moment for posterity...or blackmail.  Yeah, definitely blackmail. :-)

Would you ever get anything pierced other than your ears. If so, what?  Just my ears, thanks!!

Are you a social butterfly or a homebody?
A little of both.  I really enjoy going out and having fun with my friends.  Just not to clubs, and most bars.  (What? I'm shy...) At the same time, a night on the couch with my pups, the DVR, a glass of wine and my knitting is my idea of a good time.  I'm easily entertained.

Are you done having babies or do you want more?
Done?!?!  I haven't even started.  But I want to find a good guy and get married first. Good guys are hard to find, ladies!

Are you loyal to your hairstylist or do you try every salon in town?
I love, love, loved my hairstylist and went to him for over a decade.  But, Ed decided to retire about 3 months ago.  I've gone to one of his collegues once and she did a good job...but I'm still exploring my options before I commit to a new stylist.

How many times have you moved in your life?
Including moving in and out for college - 4 times.

If you could plan your vacation with just you and your love where would it be? "love".  See the "baby" question for further explanation.  :-)  However... I have a good list of places I'd like to visit: Alaska, Hawaii, Cuba (I know, I'm weird!), Aruba, Egypt, Italy, Thailand and Spain.

For the "Versatile Blogger" award I need to link back and thank the blogger that tagged me (THANK YOU again, Kathie!) tell you all 7 things about myself and tag 15 wonderful bloggers.

1. I'm a shutter-bug.  I LOVE taking pictures.
2. I'm am WAY into FrontierVille on FaceBook.
3. There are stacks of books that surround me, but I can't keep myself from buying more books.
4. I hate that I have insomnia...but I'm so much more productive because of it. I get soooo much done while others are sleeping.
5. My work BFF makes me laugh so hard I wheeze and/or cry at least 3 times a week.
6. Lately, I've realized that "dog people" and "cat people" are generally nicer to those around them than "non-animal people".  I think it has to do with patience and empathy.
7. I really dislike being the center of attention.

I tag the following fabulous ladies for both (Yes, I compromised between the need for 8 & 15 blogs.  Sorry!):

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Andrea @ My Chihuahua Bites
Mrs. Jones @ A Real Life Wife
Tiffany @ Munchkin Memoirs
Sara @ Unwrap Life
Sara @ This Beautiful Thing
Janet @ Stuff I Think About
Julie @ Three Against One
Lorenza @ El Diario de Lorenza
Tillie @ A Nuttier Life
Jennifer @ Crazy Shenanigans


  1. yay, I enjoyed reading your answers!!! that's the best part of giving awards :-) I just started FrontierVille on Facebook!

    I agree, I think people with pets are generally nicer...

  2. Sorry I haven't been around to visit much but Mommy has been so busy helping take care of Shelby and now that Shelby might be pregnant it's gonna be really hard to keep up.


  3. Thanks girl! I really enjoyed reading your answers. It's always nice to find out a little more about the wonderful ladies whose blogs I adore. I am really horrible at posting awards but I am going to do my very best to post both of these in the next week. Thanks again honey. :)

  4. I thought I was the only person out there who wanted to visit Cuba and see what it's like there! Thanks for the tag!

  5. Hey! Just saw that you tagged me I promise to do it this weekend, should be fun! I am also a Frontierville player we need to become friends so that we can then become neighbors. What name should I use for a friend request? You can email me it if you prefer.

  6. Congrats on your awards.

    Have a great weekend..

  7. Thanks for the awards, girl! I was needing some bloggy inspiration.

    Any word on a new closing for the house?

  8. Yay! Thanks for tagging me. I think the whole couch/dogs/dvr/knitting evening sounds like heaven myself!

  9. You're so sweet! I've not been able to catch up on reading since I've been home. I'll have two posts soon!


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