August 15, 2010

Farmer Beckett

Beckett and I are having a difference of opinions.  I think I'm growing tomatoes for my fun - to share with friends and family.  Beckett thinks I'm watering the plants...and it's his job to pick the tomatoes...sharing occasionally with his people.

I have no problem sharing (do you HEAR me fuzzy-boy?!?!) my tomatoes from time to time, but I have never met a dog who has his nose buried in my garden the way Beckett does.  Does anyone else have a dog that enjoys "farming" from the family garden?

The tomatoes are lip-smacking good, Mama!

Oh, I agree!  What?  Beckett said I could have a tomato too!  Wait...Mama, why are you moving the plants off the ground?!?!


  1. Of course your Mama MUST share her tomatoes with you... and... do something to get them back to the ground!
    Have a good night
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Too funny!! I've never heard of dogs eating tomatoes!

  3. Three or four years ago I had a lovely pepper plant out on my deck, growing in a bucket. I watched them progress from bloom to nubbin of pepper to nearly fullgrown peppers. And then our dog went out on the deck one afternoon and ate the peppers, and the plant, leaving only a stick in the dirt.

  4. I wanted to eat the dog, but my kids wouldn't let me.

  5. too cute! I can say that because I don't like tomatoes dog Sam (dog I had growing up) hated all vegetables! :-)

  6. That's so cute!! Well not cute that they're getting ate but you know what I mean lol.

  7. So besides food for your dog do you have any other plans for your tomatoes??? I canned tomato juice with mine yesterday and will blog about it next week during my "Canning Week Blog Party." I didn't know if you were a canner of not, but feel free to stop by as we will be posting lots of recipes, tips, and give-a-ways to hopefully encourage and educate others in canning. It should be a lot of fun!!!

  8. We had blackberry vines in our backyard growing up and our childhood dog would sneak in where we couldn't reach to pick them and eat the biggest juiciest berries there were. He's usually have a thorn or two in his nice and his tongue would be stained. Gosh, I miss that dog!

  9. Will you come over to my house and eat my yams please?? Mom insists that all dogs like yams - not Me!!

    Hugs& smoochies! xoxo

  10. Oh Daisy loves tomatoes! And yes, she will pick them off the plants. My theory is she thinks they are a form of "ball." And she likes to play ball. She does actually play with the tomatoes a while before eating them.


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