August 26, 2010

Bowling In Style...

I don't know if I've divulged this before....I bowl.  Not well, but I bowl.

Last year, I was the permanent sub on my cousin (Lady) Kirstren and her best friend (Queen) Heather's team. (BTW, I have a royal monicker too...feel free to guess what it is) I think I bowled more times than the woman I filled in for. But that story is better left alone.

This year - I get an actual spot on the team.  I mean, I'm happy just to get a night out with a few of my favorite peeps, an excuse to people-watch, and my weekly fix of MaryLou's News coffee - but I'm really happy that I get to participate on a more frequent basis.

That means I need to buy bowling shoes.  I know you're laughing at me (and I don't blame you), but I was really excited to find something cute.  I was READY to have to look online for hours - far and wide.  Um...not so much.  The first website I stopped on had what I consider to be the height of bowling fashion (or geek chic; your choice).

Aren't they cute?!?!


  1. I'm going with Princess and I had no clue they made cute bowling shoes!

  2. those ARE cute! great choice :-)

    I've never been bowling...

  3. I just got my own white & pink bowling shoes two days ago! WooHoo!

  4. Those by far are the cutest bowling shoes I have seen-EVER:)

  5. I love bowling! It sounds like a fun time to be in a league! Those shoes are cute!

  6. You are going to be the MOST stylish bowler. The old ladies are gonna be jealous and may try to steal them! Watch out!

  7. Seriously. Shirley (aka Mr. Burns) is definitly going to comment on them. I like the reference to your Royal Title...although no one has guessed it yet...


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