January 23, 2011

Review Of The Wine Expo

Today I went to the Boston Wine Expo.  What a fun time!  Wine, snacks, wine, girl time, wine, little freebies.  Did I mention WINE?!?!

There were some tried and true wines that I tasted - even though I knew I loved them.  Hello, Barefoot Wine!! I did get exposed to their Moscato Spumonte this time.  Darn, I love those little bubbles!

Then there were some newbies that I'll have to start looking for...

There was Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling.  It runs about $10-$12 a bottle and had a nice mellow fruity taste to it.  I really got a strong taste of pears to it.

Magner's Irish Cider, which came in traditional apple, and then in pear.  Both were yummy, though surprising (at least to me) to find at a wine expo.  A six pack will run you about $10.

Then Schmitt Sohne put out a new Riesling called Funf.  It's light, a bit sweet (though a dry version is out as well) and only runs at $7 a bottle.

Also, of note was Steen Chenin Blanc.  It's a South African wine that was a little green in color and tastes pineapple and citrus-y.  I apologize for not having a pricepoint on this one.

Another new experience for me was ice wine. This one was by Inniskillin, and essentially tasted like a slightly stronger apple cider.  Tasty...but not worth the $95 price tag.

Do you have any wines that I should try too?


  1. It sounds like they had some great stuff at the Wine expo! Glad you had a good time!

  2. Hi, Also from MA and saw the Expo advertised but didn't get there. Might have to try to get there next year. Lucky a snow storm didn't interfere!

  3. I love the Chateau St. Michelle Riesling!! Another great Riesling is Relax. It also comes in a beautiful blue bottle that I put a pourer on and am using for dish soap!


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