January 19, 2011

Update On Meadow

Thanks to everyone that left concerned comments and emailed me to ask about Meadow.  Following Saturday's "Oreo incident", I'm pretty sure that I don't want to see those yummy cookies for a while.

Long story short, Meadow is absolutely fine.

She was force fed hydrogen peroxide multiple times and has an iron stomach.  No pukies...quite unlike her mom...who is STILL dealing with an upset tummy.


  1. So glad to hear that Meadow is fine!

  2. Cast iron for sure! Glad to hear she's doing good. No more Oreos for her!

  3. So glad everything is okay - now you just need to feel better!

  4. I am glad everything is ok. Meadow's tummy sounds like my Roman's tummy who ate two full bags of treats without an ounce of diarrhea. Crazy furbabies!

  5. So happy to hear she's okay. I think I will avoid sharing this information with Rudy though, lest he decide to try his own Oreo incident.


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