January 21, 2011

Weekend Plans

After a week (fine, five long days) of feeling amazingly gross - I'm finally starting to feel better!  HURRAY!!  I hope none of you get this stomach flu.  It isn't pretty...

To celebrate feeling better, I'm thinking I might get a manicure on Saturday.  Not just any manicure, but an OPI Axxium manicure.  Have you heard of it? We all love OPI, right?!?!  Well, their gel manicures are so much more fabulous.  They DON'T chip!!!  Like...EVER!! (Almost!)  I got my first gel manicure right before Christmas and despite running around, shoveling, washing countless dishes, typing all day, and generally being rough on my hands - this stuff is still holding on for dear life.

Sure, the nail growth shows.  But, dang, I LOVE my manicure still.

And on Sunday I get to go here!  So excited!! A few sips of wine, a little shopping and some silliness with three fabulous ladies.  :-)

I'm sure that I'll have a few new wines to rave about after being there!

What are you planning this weekend?


  1. Glad you are feeling better! I want to try the gel after this set of acrylics has run their course. Please come back with wine raves I need some good ones to get my hands on!!

    Happy Weekend =D

  2. I do love OPI polish, but I've never had the gel manicure. I'll have to try that! I used to have acrylic nails, and I loved that they looked nice for weeks.

  3. I'm so glad you're doing something for yourself!!! :-) And I'm so glad you're feeling better. :-)

  4. That does sound like a nice weekend, Cole. I'd love to have my nails done, but no money for it. I didn't know gel nails were still around.

    Have fun at the wine expo tomorrow!


  5. I keep hearing rave reviews about the gel nails! I need to get on this! Have a great weekend!


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