March 17, 2011

Finding Frames

I have an eye doctor appointment on Saturday.  Luckily, it's just a "well visit".  However, I haven't been in a few years (bad girl!!).   My least favorite part of the exam is having my eyes dialated.  It always ends up with me getting a killer headache.

My favorite part? I get to pick out new frames!  I have a hard time picking out frames though... I never know what looks good on me.  I do have a few that I've been "eyeing" though. (I know, bad joke.)

BCBG - Aurora

Coach - Gloria

Coach - Hillary

Mark Jacobs - Shiny

I need to get new contact lenses too ladies.  What brand are you using?  I've been doing disposables for YEARS now. 

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  1. omgosh I love the coach gloria ones!!!

  2. Both Coach glasses are cute! I really like the new thicker styles like that! I have some similar ones that are purple!

    When my current contacts wear out I have to switch to monthly disposables:( They discontinued the every day wear ones that I've worn since high school! What stinks is the cost will be higher. The disposables I'm supposed to try are the Air Optix.

  3. I just bought some Vera Bradley glasses that are super cute!! I'm with you, I hate having my eyes dilated... Hope your doctor's appointment goes well!

  4. I like the Coach Gloria ones!!!!!

  5. I love BOTH the Coach ones. I'm planning on getting my next set of frames this summer or fall, and I may have to see if my eye doctor has these! :-) LOVE!

  6. This is my trick for finding frames I'll like. I go to the eye doctor looking like crap.

    See, I used to go with all my makeup on, hair done, etc... And the thing is, generally if I'm going out, I wear my contacts. But when I'm home in sweats with my hair pulled back, I wear my glasses.

    So, last time I wore minimal makeup and pulled my hair back when I went to the eye doctor. I ended up with red frames that I've loved for three years!

  7. Oh girl, let me tell you my love for glasses--SO BIG! I'll let you in on a secret, I buy my glasses from Zenni optical. The frames, WITH lenses range from $6.95-$30 or so. We ordered 5 frames last month and spent $110 that is the price of all 5 frames with lenses and with the shipping from China--winner winner. I also wear contacts occasionally the brand I use is biofinity. Anyways, happy glasses hunting.


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