March 23, 2011

Well, DAMN!

Ever have one of those times where someone (or life) surprises you?!  And not in a GOOD way?

Yeah. Today was one of those days....

JC (my brother, for those of you new to ye olde blog) called my office as I was booting up for the day.  No "Hi, how are ya?", "Whatcha doin'?", "Where'd ya put the fabric softener?".  Nothing.  Instead I got yelled at - to open a new web page - NOWWWW!

It turns out that one of JC's friends up in the north country (and you Army ladies know exactly where I'm talking about) did something colossally stupid. Twice. And got caught.

This man, whom I have previously held in high esteem - decided to rob a store pharmacy of their Oxycontin. The same place both times!  One time while wearing the platoon sweatshirt!  He parked is truck in plain sight of the security cameras!

I know this man!  I've spent hours talking to him, goofing around with him, his wife and their two kids.  My heart breaks for his wife and their two sweet pre-teen kids.  The only consolation is that they live a few states away and can be shielded from this a little.

It's way too soon to know how this will all pan out - but I'm not encouraged by the fact that he's being held on $25,000 bail.  I can't help but wonder if his cries for help were missed by all of us.  How did we not know?!?!  Not a single one of us...

...and all I can say is - well, damn!  Now what?!?!


  1. Oh my goodness, Cole! It's been on the news all day!! Just awful!

  2. When I started reading, I was like...why does this sound familiar? I'm in North Country right now! It IS all over the news!

    His family will be in my thoughts. :(

  3. The family is in my thoughts... It's too often that prescription drug addiction is ignored because it's not noticable at first, and then a lot of people don't realize how bad it can actually be. I hope his family finds peace in the whole situation, so sad and tragic :(

  4. Wow. I hope that he will get the help he needs. :(

  5. I am with Haley on this one, prescription drugs are the most insidious addiction on this planet and far too often people do not even realize they are addicted until their prescription runs out and then they will do anything to get the drugs. I feel for this man as well as for his family. They say oxycontin is harder to kick that Heroin so maybe being in jail will be a good thing for him so he can detox. I think doctors who give people these types of medications for longer than a 10 day period to recover from surgery should be had up on charges, they are worse than drug pushers. Here's hoping everything works out in the end. All the best, Alex

  6. Sometimes there are no warning sign, and sometimes there is nothing anyone could do to prevent it. Keeping them all in my thoughts.

  7. That is sad, addictions are sad. I hope he starts to heal so his family can start to heal.


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