July 29, 2011

WTF, Dude?!?!

Yes, those were my exact words to Beckett.  Beckett is NOT a chewer.  He never had been.  He has his toys and has never been one to demolish them (that's Meadow's job!), nor has he been interested in my shoes before.

So...I usually leave my shoes in harm's way.  You know where this is going, right?

The little brat has eaten two pairs of flip-flops in the past month.  One pair I got on sale at Macy's a few months ago and had a really cute crystal flower thingie on it, and the other pair were my new black Havaianas

I love havaianas.  Super comfy little Brazilian flip-flops.  Great quality.  The straps don't stretch and they NEVER smell feety.  If I hadn't lost my last pair when I moved, I wouldn't have even needed a new pair.

But it's hard to stay mad at this little face.  Even if I am stuck with either pink flops, turquoise flops or sneakers until I order a new pair of black ones....


  1. I wonder what his fascination with shoes is?

  2. Awww.... Beckett! Bad pup! Yeah, I'm grinning as I type this. Can't be mad for long at that sweet face! :-)

  3. Totally know the feeling!!!

    But you're right.. those little faces are HARD to be mad at :) For long anyway..

  4. They are just too adorable to stay mad at! Luckily I have not lost any shoes to the pups in a very long time

  5. I'll have to look at those shoes! They sound great! Sorry you lost them!

  6. Oh, he looks so innocent! He could never harm a shoe.

  7. OMG I couldn't get mad at that face either! Which is probably why my dachshunds get away with being such brats half the time. haha!! Mine aren't into chewing shoes either - I think Beckett just wanted to be a rebel that day! :p


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