March 10, 2013

A Few Words On Social Media...

My "day job" these days is as a Social Media Manager for two real estate publications.  I won't even pretend that I know everything there is to know about social media. 

I do need to say a few things based on recent scenes that have played out on my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn feeds.

Do yourself a favor and don't complain about social media ON SOCIAL MEDIA!  There are caveats to this...  Tweeting that Blogger is down (again) is totally acceptable; ditto for putting up a Facebook status that you don't understand how your Klout score is calculated.  However, tweeting that your feed is full of stupid people makes me laugh...and not in a good way.  YOU'RE the dipstick following them; if you don't like what they say - UNFOLLOW!

This week I was also party to an individual asking people NOT to follow her on LinkedIn.  Way to build your professional network, buttercup!  I'd bet that you look back and regret it when it's time to find a new job...

I'd also ask people to stop putting pictures online that they'd be embarrassed for their boss or their grandma to see.  Or, at least, don't act so surprised when your boss and grandma make a snarky comment on the picture of you doing body shots in Cabo. (Yes, this is a real life example!)

People need to understand that social media has the power to help or hurt you.  Your image (literally and figuratively) is in your hands.  Be as careful with your online reputation as you would with your IRL reputation...

Am I missing any big social media landmines?  Any pet peeves that you'd like to share?



  1. People who passively aggressively to start drama on social media are so annoying (and I usually end up unfollowing them)!

  2. You are so right! And I must have missed a TON, congrats on the job, sweet friend!


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