March 12, 2013

How To Look Like A Hero, In A Few Easy Steps...

Wait.  You didn't think I was going to let you in on my secrets, did you?! :-)

I joke about the "hero" thing because I had two different people label me that (jokingly, of course!) in the past few days.

Thursday night it started snowing. I's New England; big deal.  By the time Friday morning rolled around, we had over a foot of snow on the ground instead of the 1-3 inches that were predicted.  And it kept snowing!

My fabulous cousin Kristin and I not only live near each other, but now work in the same office.  So, we chatted.  We debated a little.  We decided to suck it up; dig out and go to work. So I swung by and picked her (and her son) up.  We arrived just before noon to an almost empty office and looking like rock stars. By the time we departed a little after 4PM, I had to dig my car out again.  And, let me tell you - digging out a Chevy Tahoe is WORK!  When all was said and done, our little snowstorm netted us around two feet of unexpected snow.

The front of our office building.  For scale purposes - B is a fairly tall 9 year old!

Saturday morning, Kristin and I went to the florist so she could pick her wedding day flower arrangements.  Pink, pink, pink! 

Pretty, right?! :-)
About an hour after I dropped her off at home, she called to say that Penny (her Jeep) was making a horrible noise.  So I got in the car, met her at Target and called AAA.  In the hour and a half wait, we did a little shopping at Target (You want me to shop?!?!  TWIST MY ARM!!!!) and then I dropped her off at home again. 

All in a day's work!



  1. I hate the snow...

    On a different note... I was elected VP of the dog rescue I volunteer with - wondering if you have idea to share with me about fundraising and getting more active volunteers!

  2. TARGET!!! and PINK!!!!! Few things are better. :-)

  3. Of course the Texan thinks the snow looks absolutely gorgeous! However if I was there I'm sure you'd catch me bitching soon enough ;) And heroes deserve shopping trips to Target!

  4. Ok there is no way I would have gone to work in that snow! Girl, you are a hero :) We are stealing your hero secrets.

  5. You are my hero!!


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