March 06, 2013

Dear (Fill in the blank)...

You all know I have a bunch of randomness truly though provoking ideas camped out in my brain.  I think it's time to let a little of it out. :-)

Dear Ulta,
I'm so glad you opened near me.  It's fabulous knowing that I can get all the beauty products I need a slightly better price and another major chain....*cough* Sephora *cough*.  However, my paycheck doesn't have the same appreciation that my hair, nails and skin do.  How about giving me some stuff for free to make my bank account happy?  No?!?!

The girl who is self-imposing a ban on make-up shopping


Dear USPS,
I wish I could say that our relationship has grown better.  But I still know you're withholding mail from me.  I don't like it!  And I'm going to continue to report it!  In the meantime...if it's important, I'm having it mailed to my parents. 

Someone who'd like to get mail the same month its postmarked


Dear Meadow, Beckett, Paisley and Brady,
I know you appreciate the brisk night air...but I don't.  If we could keep the 2 AM "potty runs" to less than five minutes, I'd appreciate it.

Your mom-sicle


Dear Mother Nature,
Rumor has it you're going to be a biatch and snow again tomorrow night through Friday.  If you could blow out to sea, that would be cool.  Just saying.

Someone who wants to retire her shovel and rock salt


Dear Blogger and WordPress,
You both have functionality that I like.  If you could merge, so I only have to remember ONE way to do things instead of two (one for this blog and one for the dachshund rescue), I would appreciate it.  So...who's up for a corporate merger?!?!

The woman who'd like YouTube videos in her rescue blog and photo borders on her "real" blog


Dear Dog Parents,
Do any of you cry when you see the Purina commercial with all the rescue dogs?  I sob like a fool EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  The full song from the commercial does it to me too.  If you have tissues handy, listen below.

The momma "dripping" on her quartet of canines

Do any of you have letters to share?



  1. I always cry at the Purina commercials - you are not alone! If it makes you feel better - I've still never received either of your packages you sent me. LOL. I'm terrified my Erin Condren planner is going to get stolen when it arrives. Stupid USPS.

  2. I cry with the ASPCA commercials!! I always have to turn the channel. Ha! Poor babies! I love your blog design, btw!

  3. We had a good laugh reading your letters!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Still having issues with your mail main? So annoying!! But an Ulta opening up near you is a major win! ;)

  5. Ulta Beauty good. Snow storms bad. Can't wait for spring here either!


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